Five things I want from Star Fox for the Wii U

Simon Smith from Gameluster discusses five things he would like to see in the upcoming Star Fox for the Wii U.

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N4g_null1129d ago

No exploration on foot sorry it's too boring. Exploring in the ship would be fine though.

This guy doesn't remember the first starfox it would seem. I think we haven't seen it art yet because no one understand the appeal.

Maybay1129d ago

I agree with this article. Everything listed is exactly what I want from Star Fox Wii U.

I'm a huge fan of Rare's representation (Star Fox Adventures) of the Star Fox franchise. All it needed was to be a bit more difficulty, a multiplayer mode, the franchise's patented gameplay mechanics, and a non-linear story line (like Star Fox 64). Though Rare was pressed for time, so SFA was limited by content.

Star Fox U should use the Gamecube adaptors, have players set versus rules to their liking, ''create a world'' (or level), and ad bots for added appeal (all multiplayer shooters should have bots imo, like Black Ops 2, Time Splitters 2, and James Bond night fire).

N4g_null1129d ago

If foot exploration was like vanquish then I would agree. Fox rocks hard in smash. He should in his own game also.

Oh and please don't forget the visuals... Mario kart better not look better than this game.

hobowan1129d ago

For me they only have to look at rogue squadron and rogue leader to set out how levels should be structured.

They were a perfect concoction of freedom, dog fights, objectives and story

1129d ago