Nintendo E3 2015 Wishlist

Rice Digital:
It feels like just yesterday that I was excitedly sitting through Nintendo’s Robot Chicken conference, and now we’ve just had a video with lots of new information about this year’s E3. For me, it’s probably the most exciting time to be a gamer. As such, I’ve been thinking a lot about what we might see this year, so here’s a list of things I think we might see and some things we may not see, but it would be nice if we did.

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greenmiker1029d ago

I want more jrpg by Nintendo.

wonderfulmonkeyman1029d ago

Agreed. I feel that Xenoblade Chronicles X should be just the beginning of a new wave of JRPG's for the Wii U.

Sora_19941029d ago

Don't forget smtxfire emblem

Kurisu1029d ago

Hoping to see some more of the new Project Zero!

ThichQuangDuck1029d ago

My worry with Nintendo is they announce a lot of great things,but I worry when they are coming. I have considered a Wii U,but will wait til the majors are out and it is cheaper. There is no rush for me to get the console yet. Although I hear great things.

Dream Games:

Star Fox

Mario Party by old creators


Sora_19941029d ago

I understand waiting for more big hits but as far as cheaper goes yea that might not happen lol Nintendo tends to keep their games priced high for a long...long time unless u were talking about the console which is 225 on their online store with Nintendo land(refurbished tho)

ThichQuangDuck1029d ago

I was generally talking console,but again there is just no rush for me to get the console. Many of the worlds Nintendo creates I don't miss. Just me personally. Really do wish they were doing Luigi's Mansion 2 with tablet though.

Sora_19941029d ago

Yea I feel the tablet still hasn't been put to its full potential yet..pokemon snapU would be goat for that situation

ThichQuangDuck1029d ago

I mean if you are going to sell a tablet so hard then use it

Dannyh1029d ago

Did they ever put a date on the 90's racer yet. I will buy a wii u day one for that game

ThichQuangDuck1029d ago

Don't know what racer you are talking about. That is part of my issue. Games are announced then we don't hear about them for a while

Dannyh1029d ago

Game informer just did a big write up on it a few days ago. and if you go on youtube and type in the 90's racer for wii u some new game play footage will come up. if you are a fan of sega arcade games like Daytona and super sega gt then check it out looks really fun

Father__Merrin1029d ago

I hope Nintendo ditch the wii brand and return back as a proper home console maker.

a next gen system with third party support with Nintendo exclusives can't fail.

ThichQuangDuck1029d ago

Gamecube is still my favorite Nintendo Console

wonderfulmonkeyman1029d ago (Edited 1029d ago )

The third party games have to be something other than off-hand ports with missing content.
We've seen what third parties do for ports. Wii U's first year was full of them.
Never again.
Good exclusives or equal content multiplats.
Nothing less will have even the smallest chance of selling.

Ark_1029d ago

Imo another viable option would be to drop homeconsoles alltogehter and just create a NintendoOS, which runs on PCs and Steamboxes.
The consumer would have the option to put NintendoOS, SteamOS and Win10 on his machine. So no thirdparty issues anymore for Ninty and the consumer has a good amount of options to choice from.

Hardware design and production staff could focus on VR-Sets with awesome controllers. Nintendo is big enough to make these at a fair price and is one of the few who could get the controllers right.

May sound farfetched, but is actually solving a lot of problems for Nintendo. They could create a Steamlike infrastructure for the Asianmarket and their exclusives. All the thirdparty support is infused over Steam or Win. And they can focus on creating games for these machines, their handhelds and the mobile market.

Shnazzyone1028d ago

uhhh... lil too soon buddy. A new Nintendo system will be announced either next year or the year after that. More than likely we will get our first peeks next year and in 2017 we may have a new one.

This year we will see many reasons why to own the system. Expect a better look at LOZ, It's gonna be the games. Lots of games for Wii U / 3ds. This is when all the games started late in the console release will begin seeing the light of day.

Though in this article. No to diddy kong racing dlc, Yes to a better online battle mode where you can select many if not all of the past online battle courses.

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Big_Game_Hunters1029d ago

Nintendo shoud partner with Nvdia on their next console and call it the Nintendo GTX. Use steam OS and partner with valve. Get steam on Nintendo console.

Shnazzyone1028d ago

This is so amazingly off topic.... nice what-if I guess. They would make a good pair. HL3 CONFIRMED>

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