The Witcher 3 On Death March: Doing It The Hard Way - Early Tips & Gameplay

Well there is only one way to do something as epic as The Witcher 3, you go all in and do it the hard way.

I’m really enjoying the top difficulty and it’s certainly making me think about how I play. In the video I touch on some things but often it’s hard to get everything in properly in spoken word so below are some things that I have found myself and some general things I’ve noticed around the web too.

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SantasJollyBoots1067d ago

I decided to switch to Broken Bones and Blood (right below Death March). Ya know, because f*ck Death March. o_O

rosscoffx1067d ago

Was so pissed off last night trying to level up with side missions I thought about it. Must fight through!

Doing part 2 this weekend to share/vent frustrations haha

FarEastOrient1067d ago

I'm playing Death March setting. I use the pattern of dodging and attacking that comes from Dark Souls and Bloodborne, that's how you fight 5-6 levels above your level in Witcher.

CyrusLemont1067d ago

I hated death march so much at first but once I got the alternate sign mode for the shield and really studied monsters, inventory and tactical potion taking, I wouldn't change the difficulty ever.

It's extremely rewarding when you just 'get it right' in a battle and smash the enemy.

Snookies121067d ago

I like Blood and Broken Bones personally. It allows me to keep going at a rather steady pace with things, but provides a good challenge in battles.

starchild1067d ago

That's what I'm playing it on too and I feel the same way --it keeps me on my toes and provides a good challenge, but I don't have to deal with dying over and over again. I mean, I don't mind dying quite a few times before I beat a challenge, but I don't want to be stuck on the same battle for a whole gaming session.

1nsomniac1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

No tips at all in the video other than never roll lol. Which is essential against some enemies. Plus anybody who is actually playing at that difficulty should be able to tell the difference in attack damage & HP damage & to me at least they don't appear to match up in this video unless his character is super buffed which is impossible at that stage.

My problem with the game is I've probably put 8 hours into the game & I'm still only just a lvl 4. I havnt found any mission/side quests at all below lvl 6. Any enemies above lvl 6 are basically immune to any of your attacks. As soon as there's multiple enemies it doesn't matter how many times u dodge or roll. 1 of them from one side or another will catch you during it & wipe you out in 1 or 2 shots. I end up getting stuck in a zone that I can't go back but have no more health or items so end up having to reload a save going back as far as a previous day.

Im not sure why everyone keeps saying it's far easier than Witcher 2. It's not at all & the length of the loading screen is infuriating as hell!

rosscoffx1067d ago

Hi buddy! Sorry my bad on the video, Realised I'd talked s**t and not done much so wrote them in the article on MGL.

Found roll got e in more trouble most of the time but nice to see it is useful.

Fully with u on leveling, found a few side missions very frustrating last night! Part 2 might need Parental Advisory rating!! Grrr

1nsomniac1067d ago

Immediately after writing that I loaded it up & had a play. Within the first 20 mins I found a couple of treasures & hidden areas with good loot. Now I seem to be flying through it lol typical.

Genova841067d ago

Places of power are essential and actually equipping those skills is too.

I upgrade axii, so most humans I can stun and execute. Doesn't work on all of them but it's how I cleared the devil's pit at level 4 when the bandits were level 9. And yes, I am playing on Death March.

Last night, as a level 9 player I killed a level 14 wyvern and a "poison griffin" - can't remember it's actual name. I like trying to push what level enemies I fight because it makes for a good challenge.

I will say though, that getting killed by 2 drowners that are 4 levels less than you is really annoying, and yes, it's happened more than once.