Could we be getting game-linked unlockable characters in Smash?

A Neogaf user by the name of Spainkiller has just put out an interesting rumor:
Buying and linking both versions of Super Smash Brothers will net you additional unlockable characters, which may include:
Chorus Men

He claims that the rumor is valid because the person who has given him the rumor, is the same one who outed the additional Koopaling skins for Bowser Jr shortly after the ESRB leaks hit the net, and as we all know, that has come to pass as true.

He cautions, though, to continue taking this with a grain of salt.

What's your take on this, N4G?
True or false?

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Concertoine1531d ago

Im gonna quit me job and become a rumor maker on neogaf.

Ridley, one part stage hazard, one part fighter.

eaise1531d ago

Ridley is gonna be a fighter= automatic false rumor :)
Plus this is a stupid thing. I'd be extremely angry if this was actually true.

Trolltroll1531d ago

I would agree but... I still have not seen him as a stage hazard in any of the lvls show on the streams.

GoPanthers9991531d ago

no prob, getting 2 3ds versions for he kids plus the wii u, hope this is true.

weekev151531d ago

To be fair, the guy stated hes seen the character models and is just guessing at how you unlock them. Could be DLC.

admiralvic1531d ago

They could also be cut content or scrapped ideas. Like Dixie Kong could have been a Diddy Kong alternate like others have, Ridley might have been a stage hazard, Chorus Men probably was considered for a 3DS exclusive stage and mewtwo could have been a poke ball summon or or something along these lines.

I mean, we have one "real" thing to go on here. There are moving models (meaning they could be anything that moves from a summon to playable character), but everything beyond that sounds to be theory and assumptions, which leads me to believe this is false (especially because this doesn't even sound like a Nintendo move).

wonderfulmonkeyman1531d ago

A little detail I forgot to mention; there was nothing indicating that the characters unlocked would be exclusive to either version; if this rumor is true, it will likely make the fighters available in both versions.

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