Five games not named Destiny worth buying this month

Gamezone's Matt Liebl: "Destiny is easily the biggest game launching in September, possibly the year too. So this list isn’t meant to dissuade anyone from actually going out and buying Destiny. Heck, I’ll be playing it day one with the rest of you. But maybe MMO-style shooters aren’t for you. Maybe you’re looking to expand upon your gaming tastes. Whatever the case, this list is simply a reminder that there are other games coming out this month."

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Paprika1555d ago

Destiny is great, but it won't take over gaming forrver lol!

sanosukegtr1231554d ago

Can it beat GTA? I wonder...

thehobbyist1554d ago

A new IP beating GTA. That'll be the day.

sanosukegtr1231554d ago

Y the dislikes that was just a question.

cfc781555d ago

Saving for the coming months though Forza Horizon 2 is a must buy as for Destiny i'll give it a miss though I hope people who buy it enjoy it.

Deividas1555d ago

Agreed. FH2 and Shadow of Mordor for me this month....and then October...oh boy...Im gonna be so broke.

beakeroo11554d ago

Also skipping Halo, I mean Destiny. I played the Alpha/beta and cancelled my preorder. Done it all before in my 360 days.

jangoblamba1555d ago

I'm approving it for the title alone lol

eaise1555d ago

Disney Infinity 2.0 is a good game coming out this month. Everything Marvel related is my weakness lol

YodaCracker1555d ago

You could just call this "Five Game Worth Buying This Month".

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The story is too old to be commented.