NFL for Xbox and Windows 8 Now Available And Ready To Tackle The 2014 Season

This season, football fans will be able to get a personalized and interactive NFL football experience on their television with Xbox One and on any Windows 8 laptop or PC.

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mhunterjr1441d ago

I'm glad this app exists, but I'm baffled that yahoo fantasy isn't also imbedded in NFL Now along with CBS sports fantasy... Especially since yahoo screen and yahoo sports is a distribution partner for NFL now, here's hoping it gets added later, because most of my leagues are through yahoo.

mooseo211441d ago

Was thinking the same thing, this is awesome in every way except that it doesn't include yahoo fantasy. I only take part in one fantasy team a year and its through yahoo. There's always next year...

mikeslemonade1441d ago

Yes I'm yahoo only too. I'm in a $250 buy in and yahoo has takes the least commission.

Bad thing about yahoo is the pro leagues are only 10 team standard or auction.

Dlacy13g1441d ago

Yeah agreed...I have two leagues in Yahoo, One in and one on ESPN.

mhunterjr1441d ago

Yeah, I've got a couple ESPN leagues too... I wish they'd also integrate into nfl now, but I understand why they'd want to leverage their own app. However, I doubt they'll be able to show the fantasy highlights like NFL can.

Dlacy13g1441d ago

So basically ... we will be swapping our snap view between the NFL app, the ESPN app and the bookmark page for Yahoo Sports via Explorer.

Not a perfect solution...but a work around.

HugoDrax1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

"but I'm baffled that yahoo fantasy isn't also imbedded in NFL Now along with CBS sports fantasy."

I agree! my friends and I actually have a league on Yahoo and just so that we could see how the fantasy works with the Xbox one app. I'll have it snapped to the side on Thursday, as I have Nelson as one of my receivers and Seattle's defense. Can't wait to experience the integration features.

gangsta_red1441d ago

Hot damn, this is an awesome addition to the Xbox One. Can't wait to see what my Niner's and even the Raiders have going on this season!

FanboyKilla1441d ago

Where are all the football fans that were in the madden articles a few days ago? Yeah i thought so. Not into football much on n4g?

reko1441d ago

Tv Tv Tv sports sports lol

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