New Scans Reveal Even More New Screenshots from Hyrule Warriors

More screenshots from new magazine scans.

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colonel1791664d ago

I have never played this kinds of games, but since it's Zelda I will at least try it.

The only problem I see with this (for me), is that the moment Nintendo announces the new Zelda, this will be like Zelda Warriors who?

Spooney3231664d ago

Dynasty warrior games were fun but very repetitive. This adds a whole new element in the form of an iconic franchise. Lets hope they can keep it fresh and lose the repetitiveness Long live Hyrule!

BattleN1664d ago

I've played Dynasty Warriors, Fist of the North and found them to be entertaining for a while, hopefully Hyrule Warriors had more depth and a good story!

Metallox1664d ago

"Shia, the game’s main antagonist, was in charge of protecting the equilibrium of the Triforce. However, she developed feelings for Link and becomes jealous of his relationship with Princess Zelda.
Shia ends up becoming overcome by wickedness. With her two minions Valga and Wizro, she throws Hyrule in a state of chaos."

Not sure what do you think of that, it's so cheesy xD

BattleN1664d ago

lol ok, hopefully the gameplay is solid at least.

Thomaticus1664d ago

Damn I thought it was going to be a fighting game. I don't like Dynasty Warriors. I wish HW was like a regular action game (i.e. god of war, castlevania LOS, etc)

Gemmol1664d ago

i hate all those games you just name, but there is one from that list of games you listed that I like which is heavenly sword it play like all those you listed......I respect your opinion, but if it really played like those games I would boycott the product

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