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Top 10 Worst Video Game Plot Twists

19d ago - Everything was going so well, then you just HAD to throw in a non-sensical, confusing plot twist... | PS2

Metroid: Other M, Skyward Sword & More Wii Titles Listed in Virtual Console Database

43d ago - "Alongside data for Twilight Princess HD, evidence suggests that two high-profile Wii titles will... | Wii U

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

Experienced Points: These Games Were Ruined By Trying to Be Movies

233d ago - Shamus Young: While I'm notorious for nit-picking game stories to a seemingly obsessive degree... | Culture

Revisiting Metroid: Other M

329d ago - "So, a ways back, as part of my Kotaku TAY "Game of the Week" series, I replayed Metroid II on Ga... | Wii

TOP 5 Awesome Women In Video Games| The Tyuno Project

394d ago - The Tyuno Project: "As you may know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This month we hono... | Xbox 360

Gamers need to confront the cultures misogynistic problem

455d ago - Criticism of sexism in video games has been on rise while several trolls took it too far when for... | Culture

Five Nintendo Series That Need a Pick-Me-Up

455d ago - Tim Gruver and myself look at five Nintendo series down on their luck and theorize how Nintendo c... | Nintendo DS

5 Things Nintendo Should Have Announced at E3

526d ago - One of the writers here at NintendoEnthusiast tells us about 5 things Nintendo should have announ... | Wii

10 Steps Metroid Can Take in the Right Direction

544d ago - "I recently re-played Metroid: Other M for Wii. The game is…divisive to say the least. I personal... | Wii

10 Potentially Great Games That Were Dead On Arrival

573d ago - Every era is recognised as much for its failures as its successes, from the ones which deliver on... | PS2

Top 5 Game Canons That Need Revising

574d ago - 'In the wake of the news that the Star Wars Expanded Universe has been declared non-canon and due... | Culture

Cosplay Wednesday – Metroid’s Samus Aran

589d ago - Metroid fans were thrilled this past Tuesday when Nintendo announced the triumphant return of Sam... | Culture

Metroid: M for Mature

617d ago - Sean Knight continues to offer information that could save Nintendo. This week he muses about a n... | PC

Being a Metroid Fan Sucks

619d ago - It's not always this way. Being a Metroid fan only sucks sometimes. Other times, we're lucky enou... | GameCube

What is the Future of Metroid?

622d ago - Front Towards Gamer's Dylan Tierney takes a shot at the future of gaming's favorite bounty hunter. | Wii

Beyond The Numbers: Why The Time Is Right For An Amazing Metroid Game

637d ago - It's time for Nintendo to start looking beyond past sales numbers and make the 'Metroid' game eve... | Wii U

Top 10 Most Disappointing Endings Of All Time

668d ago - Chadley of Punch Nerds goes through a highlights the most terrible endings to great games. This T... | GameCube

Top 10 Dorks Of The Generation

699d ago - At the end of a console generation, it’s fun to look back at the memorable heroes and villains th... | Wii

Biggest Disappointments of the Last Generation | Dealspwn

722d ago - Dealspwn: "It's not all been sunshine and roses this generation. These aren't our shouts for the... | PC

The Stupidest, Corniest, and Cheesiest Deaths in Video Games

722d ago - GameDynamo - "When you lose a character who’s been a stalwart ally or love interest for hours upo... | PC

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GammaSquad’s 50 Greatest Console Games Of The Past Generation (#50 – 41)

745d ago - Here are the games you might want to pop in one more time before you upgrade, or perhaps search t... | Wii

Top 10 Metroid Games According to Negative World

758d ago - Andrew N from Negative World says: "Metroid is one of the absolute best franchises in video gamin... | GameCube

Heroine of the Week: Samus Aran | The Metroid Series

765d ago - "Competent, confident, and intelligent, Samus Aran is an ex-Galactic Federation soldier turned in... | GameCube

The Five Most Disappointing Video Games Of All Time

766d ago - For every game that truly lives up to its potential, there are a couple that absolutely miss thei... | PC

10 Awful Changes That Ruined Potentially Awesome Games

792d ago - WC - "There’s nothing more tragic in the gaming industry than wasted potential. We’ve all got cau... | GameCube
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