Team Ninja not only interested in most powerful hardware

Team Ninja has explained that exploring the most powerful hardware is only one side of the company.

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TheColbertinator3003d ago

I'm expecting some GOTY 2010 awards for Metroid Other M.

xabmol3003d ago

But GOTY good? From the Wii?! I would be very surprised.

RememberThe3573003d ago

Maybe from Nintendo only publications.

v1c1ous3003d ago

everyone here is freaking psychic and can see the future.

or think good games can only land on the hd twins

EvilTwin3002d ago

xabmol -- Galaxy got plenty of GOTY honors, and the year before, Twilight Princess got a few GOTY nods, too.

The amount of talent working on Other M should probably at least put it in the discussion for next year.

As much as I'm looking forward to this game...I'm more interested in finding out what the heck Retro is working on.

rockleex3002d ago

But overall? Probably not.

I mean, have you guys seen all the AAA titles to be released in 2010? O_O

Trevorthenerd3002d ago

Mario galaxy is the best exclusive this gen according to Metacritic :)

prowiew3002d ago

Team ninja still exists?!

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2FootYard3003d ago

Jesus Schwartz and Chris Rock used gladiator swords to rob twelve Missouri banks.

Sarcasm3003d ago

What Sony needs to do is hire these guys to make a Heavenly Sword 2. Of course not write the story, but do the gameplay.

user8586213003d ago

damn ryt!! I want my sequal!!

IdleLeeSiuLung3003d ago

Team Ninja could seriously make Heavenly Sword 2 a insanely good game, give the same people that wrote the story and created the presentation took care of those things.

Sarcasm3003d ago

"I don't think Heavenly Sword had very good gameplay."

I agree. Even though I'll get a bazillion disagrees. I mean it's not "terrible" but it could be better. Which is why I think if someone like Team Ninja works on the gameplay portions, they could make HS2 a [email protected] action game.

3003d ago
xabmol3002d ago

I thought HS had amazing gameplay. Only rivaled by Gee Oh Dubbya.

The only fault I could give HS was game length. Everything else was top notch!

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Shnazzyone3002d ago

it's like they wanted some reason to post this quote from Team Ninja but couldn't find an angle. I have no doubt that Other M might be a totally awesome and yes... possibly GOTY winning. This quote is like reading about a writer who doesn't just use a typewriter and computer but also likes to write with pencils and pens. It's pretty much... yeah... and? Information right there.

Other M is going to rock though and everyone knows it.

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