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Metroid: Zero Mission - NWR Review

106d ago - NWR: "2D Metroid has been absent from the gaming landscape for the past ten years. That doesn’t... | Wii U

Metroid: Zero Mission - PakGamers Review

140d ago - Does the HD reimagining of the original Metroid released for NES deliver on Nintendo's handheld G... | Wii U

Metroid: Zero Mission coming to Wii U Virtual Console

197d ago - Destructoid: "Rejoice, Metroid fans! One of the greatest entries in the franchise is making its... | Wii U

Staff Picks: Top 10 Most Wanted Game Boy Advance Games For Virtual Console

272d ago - In anticipation of Game Boy Advance games coming to the Wii U Virtual Console, the staff at oprai... | Culture

Win a PS4!!

Now - Join us on Filmwatch to find out how you can win a free PS4 this holiday season! | Promoted post

Being a Metroid Fan Sucks

283d ago - It's not always this way. Being a Metroid fan only sucks sometimes. Other times, we're lucky enou... | GameCube

What is the Future of Metroid?

286d ago - Front Towards Gamer's Dylan Tierney takes a shot at the future of gaming's favorite bounty hunter. | Wii

Top 10 Metroid Games According to Negative World

421d ago - Andrew N from Negative World says: "Metroid is one of the absolute best franchises in video gamin... | GameCube

Fate of the Game Cast Episode 06: Comic-Con Cometh

521d ago - In the newest episode of the Fate of the Game Cast, Nintendo goes balls-out at SDCC. The guys deb... | PC

Project AM2R The Demo Version 1.1 Released (Fan-Made Metroid 2 Remake)

731d ago - DSOGaming writes: "Metroid fans, here is a Christmas present for you. The team behind Project AM2... | PC

Female Characters: Gender in Video Games

880d ago - GenGAME: "Should gender-neutral characters count as 'strong females'? Ripley (the first Alien) pr... | PC

Retro Review - Metroid: Zero Mission

983d ago - It would be easy to simply label Zero Mission as a remake of the original Metroid, but it’s much... | Retro

3DS Ambassadors Program: Wherefore Art Thou, Game Boy Advance?

1134d ago - Chris Buffa (Modojo): Nintendo definitely erred in releasing 3DS for $249.99, but the publisher m... | 3DS

Videogame Remakes: The Good, the Bad and the Pointless

1200d ago - Rarely, if ever, do remade films and television shows garner even half the praise of the original... | Nintendo DS

The Sexiest/Awesome Outfits in Gaming History - Part 1

1201d ago - SA: Since we are looking for the sexiest outfits in video game history, we have to add the sex ap... | PSP

Double Doppleganger: Downloads

1566d ago - A new independent development blog has recently been started by indy developer John West, who is... | PC

Catching Up to the Industry

1616d ago - Alex Cronk-Young writes: As I have mentioned numerous times in my writing, I'm pretty far behind... | PC
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