How Will Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft Wow Us at E3 2010? previews the anticipated games, portables and peripherals.

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TOO PAWNED3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

How will they WOW us?

Microsoft? Don't care
Nintendo? Don't care

Sony? Ok here we go
1.Dark Cloud 3
2.Syphon Filter PS3
3.Jak & Daxter PS3 (from Naughty Dog)
4.Sly 4
5.A couple of new hardcore IPs

I know it's impossible for all of it to come true, but at least 50% and i am "WOW-ed" . Also i would love to see new Tomba on PSN, maybe not WOW but it would be nice.

TOO PAWNED3133d ago

"Ape Escape: It is rumored that not only is Sony working on an Ape Escape game for PS3, but that it might be for the PSMove." - this is not RUMOR, it was CONFIRMED last year during TGS. And yes it will support MOVE, but that doesn't mean it is exclusive to MOVE, it won't be.
BTW never played Ape Escape game, out of all Sonys platformers, so i will keep my eye on that one.

sikbeta3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Don't know about M$ and N, but for Sony:

·Gameplay + New Trailer + Release Date for GT5
·Twisted Metal PS3
·Showing How PS-Move can be used in every kind of Game = Heavy Rain + PS-Move
·More about "Minority Report" with Move
·New Trailer + Gameplay about SOCCOM4
·KZ3 or R3 or Motorstorm 3
·Demon Soul 2
·More info about 3D Gaming and GT5+3D

And Finally, something even more Huge than The Release Date of GT5:


IF Sony Show all of this stuff on E310 forget about the others...

3133d ago
lelo2play3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Microsoft: will WOW me... expect to see great games but don't care about Project Natal.
Sony: will WOW me... expect to see great games but don't care about Move.
Nintendo... really don't care... well... maybe the Nintendo 3DS might be interesting.

HolyOrangeCows3133d ago

Isn't it a bit early for E3 speculation?

ThanatosDMC3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

In Sony we trust. They're the only one with promising games. Who honestly would care about imaginary red balls???

For PSP, i cant wait for more Peace Walker info, trailer, preview, etc.

For PS3, The Last Guardian and Resistance 3 and Demon's Souls 2, and the list would go on...

PSP2 would be so awesome! I have the money for an immediate purchase. I got $450 in a plastic container.

Immortal3213132d ago

Games, online updates, and some wow features.

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ongbakurhead3133d ago

By strobe lighting and fireworks

TOO PAWNED3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

MS will have Steven Spilberg, Yoko Ono, Beatles and other celebrities that have nothing to do with games and yet US media will go nuts over it and talk how incredible press conference was. Screw content and games, or lack of in 360 case. But hey there are always multiplaform games to show like they always do with Fallouts, MWs, etc. and act stupid while doing it, like it is only on their system. Hilarious.

Nintendo, even worse. I predict Other M(Menstrual) will be huge letdown, Zelda will get delayed and they are left down to one game Mario Galaxy 2. GT will give it 9.7 because it is so "original" compared to first game, and Shane will do review, so later on he can talk about it on IW with that douche snake head of his.

And we come down to king of all kings, the super heavyweight champ, the monster in gaming industry, only real next gen console on the market, and that is almighty PS3. Sony will overdeliver massive amount of games and yes Sony will unfortunately again be the last one to have press conference, so half of US media douchbags will hit show flor and start covering E3 and later on we can hear how less excited and clueless they are during podcasts when it comes to Sony, and cum all over what ever MS does.

All in all SOny will dominate...again, those that are not blind or biased will see it, those that are will continue to be ms sheep people.

knightdarkbox3133d ago

Wow, so many PS3 fanboys scared and shaking because of conference of m$...

I have a feeling MS at E3 is going to be massive this year....expect some huge bombshells..

game over ps3 fanboys...

ps3 is dead in this gen.

eagle213133d ago

I don't think anyone in the media will go gaga over Waital again. That shi$ will flop this fall. We all know 99% of their xbot minions will be playing halo anyway this year. :)

Of course Sony will deliver but don't hate on Nintendo, they will get the most coverage with the 3DS. I'm actually really excited for all things Zelda this year.

skare133133d ago

Mario comes out before E3

Eric Cartman3133d ago

Obviosuly, Sony will have the most (and best) games and probably some crazy Move demos and games.

Nintendo will focus on their new DS and one game. They make one half-decent game a year nowadays.

Microsoft will focus on Natal and, again, may call some uninteresting big names to their stage to try out some Natal games and demos.

For me, Sony is a winner from now, but I suspect the media will be praising MS and Nintendo. Remeber how most people said that Microsoft stole the show when they announced thier gimped version of FF13? That was the only thing they had at that E3.

SlipperyMooseCakes3133d ago

E3 2008 they showed off Gears of War 2, Fable II, NXE, Netflix, 1vs100, etc. They showed off a lot of stuff for the 360 that year. FF was just the end announcement.

Convas3133d ago

As if he cares. Didn't you read his post? Lord Sony reigns supreme. Fanboys are functionally Illiterate when it comes to reading common sense.

TheLastLevel3133d ago

When does E3 10 start anyway? June-something?

TOO PAWNED3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

15th-17th June but M$ has pressconference on 14th June and Natal event on 13th