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Sony Is Already Working On Soul Sacrifice Delta DLC

It’s still a few weeks until Soul Sacrifice Delta comes out and fans can already look forward to additional content. Sony Computer Entertainment is developing an extra dungeon called Alice’s Infinite Demon Palace. (PS Vita, Soul Sacrifice)

DarkLord1003  +   644d ago
*inser common DLC sucks comment*
Ultr  +   644d ago
Soul sacrifice always had free dlc
Stop trolling
Vanna  +   644d ago
Research soul dlc before commenting with a silly comment is always helpful in not making yourself look an ass :p

It has always been free
avangerironman  +   644d ago
so what is Soul Sacrifice Delta ? is it Soul Sacrifice game with all DLC's or different game :)
antikbaka  +   644d ago
something in the middle. Not entirely new but changed a lot.

Version 2.0 I would say. It's a new trend in Jap games, the same was with Ragnarok Ace
avangerironman  +   644d ago
thanks :) if its 2.0 then am happy with Soul Sacrifice :)
antikbaka  +   644d ago
dlc for the first soul sacrifice were all free. think the same way will be for delta
WeAreLegion  +   644d ago
Can't wait! Constantly getting free DLC for the first game was so awesome!

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