First-party Vita games discounted by at least half off

Several first-party Vita games have been discounted by at least 50% off, dropping to below $20. The deals include Soul Sacrifice ($18.57), Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time ($15.52) and Freedom Wars ($14.99).

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LAWSON72919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

The best place to get Vita games is Gamestop. They are all like sub $15, sadly used stock is the main problem, and if you waited for one of those buy two get one sales you could save a lot of money.


Yeah I'm getting Dragon's Crown tomorrow.

Master-H919d ago

Soul Sacrifice and Freedom Wars both were 5 or 8 bucks on a PSN sale a couple months ago.

DivineAssault 919d ago

where are the good NEW games??? Not indies or ports either? All these were free on ps plus or as old as when the console hit the market

Vegamyster919d ago

Sony's pretty much said they're done with the Vita outside of Japan.