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Submitted by issa3032 2835d ago | news

PS3 & Folding@Home reach 2 Petaflops

Folding@Home computing power reaches 2080 Terraflop mark (2 petaflops).

As of November 2007, the IBM Blue Gene/L at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) is the fastest operational supercomputer, with a sustained processing rate of 478.2 TFLOPS.
The Folding@Home network is over 4x more powerful than the second most powerful supercomputer.

The PS3 is providing 81% of the computing power. In comparison, Windows PCs are providing 9%. This is especially amazing since there is almost 4 times less PS3 than computers contributing. Therefore the average computing power of a PS3 is approximately 32 times more than the average PC. This is due to recent updates to the Folding@Home application which make it more efficient. (Folding@Home, Industry, PS3, Tech)
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alexM  +   2835d ago
On average a PS3 contributes as much as 9*4 = 36 PCs
simple math

4X< PS3s

4* 81/9 = 36x
issa3032  +   2835d ago
Well I rounded a little just to make the numbers cleaner. The exact proportion is 31.5 times.
TheEndzor  +   2835d ago
Goes to Show the Processing power of the Ps3
PoSTedUP  +   2835d ago
i hope you guys are contributing too. i know i am
PSWe60  +   2835d ago
I'm all for cell research
and what not, but keeping my PS3 on all day to run F@Home while I was at work was breaking my light bill, so I stopped doing it about 2 months ago.
Cwalat  +   2835d ago
anyone tell me what they've cured yet ?
mephixto  +   2835d ago
At least we are trying to help
Real Gambler  +   2834d ago
You're thinking the wrong way....
If you're not folding, what have YOU done to help getting rid of those stupid diseases... Sure, folding may never find a cure, but at least it's a step in the right direction. It's just one of the many ways to do it. You can also give money tons of money to science, and still they may not find a cure.

And you can do nothing, and hope you will never get cancer, parkinson, or all those stupid diseases that should have been cured by now. I do hope you're lucky!!!
Cwalat  +   2834d ago
it was a joke lol..
i fold every day on my PS3... minimum of 30 min while i watch TV and eat something..
sonarus  +   2834d ago
I need to get back to folding. Used to fold every time i wasn't playing ps3. Used to leave my ps3 on for days. Avg 10 days before i would get some random freeze or some game update or some sort to make me restart.

Sure feels good to know you have a reliable console:D
The_Firestarter  +   2834d ago
"Sure feels good to know you have a reliable console:D"

lol So true! The PS3 is built pretty tough, I agree.

Hmmm, I wonder why folding@home never made it to the 360... *cough, cough*
MicroDeath SoftStar  +   2834d ago
Curing stuff is great and all but leaving my ps3 on none stop uses electricity which causes global warming WHICH IS KILLING OUR PLANET. I would rather die of cancer then help take down my planet with me so i might have a chance to survive .
PS no disrespect to anyone suffering for a terminal illness
funkeystu  +   2834d ago
Bah - Global warming has never killed anyone - fold on I say!! :p

I think the data has been used in quite a few research papers, all of which can be used to better understand various conditions.
Cwalat  +   2834d ago
got 2 disagrees back up there ^

i said; "it was a jk, i fold minimum of 30 min every day"

that was not a statement for you to judge, that was me saying what i do....

i will officially never understand this website or the sick ppl in here..
Merovee  +   2834d ago
1-The planet is not alive... therefore it cannot be killed.

2-What exactly is it that makes you think the current planetary temperature is the best climate for life?

3-The power consumption of a PS3 can be offset by replacing 4 lightbulbs with CFL bulbs and/or purchasing block energy from renewable sources (an option for a good number of people in many areas).

4-Distributed computing is 5 times more energy efficient than by having only reserved computers perform the tasks.

5-Even if global warming wipes out the human population there will still be life on earth, it just won't be yours, this in turn would cause an immediate drop in greenhouse gas emmissions,far more significant than the Kyoto accord so STFU.

6-It's my planet I'll kill it if I want to.

7-If your so concerned with how much impact technological use that is not directly needed for human life has on the planet WHY ARE YOU ON A SOCIAL SITE POSTING ADDED INFORMATION TO AN ALWAYS ON SERVER THAT USES MORE POWER THAN A PS3? Oh yeah, because your a hypocrite.
#5.9 (Edited 2834d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ban fans  +   2834d ago
I agree with most of your points except 1 and 6.

1 - "The planet is not alive" - While the actual rock and elements that make up our planet are not alive, the life on this planet as a whole can be viewed as a single organism. If a certain organism dies out completely (like trees), all others will follow, just as in a human, if the brain dies, the body soon will follow. In another point of view, our planet is alive because it is active geologically; the moving and shifting within the core of the planet and weather. Some astrological bodies, such as our own moon, are considered "dead", due to its lack of activity, and thus can not support any (known) type of life (without external support) because it does not "renew" itself.

6 - This is not your planet. We all share it. You can even say we rent it, as geologically, we are not even a blip on the screen. We do not have the right to destroy our planet even if we have the ability to do so. While I don't think you intended it that way, your comment comes across as being very short sighted, arrogant, and selfish.

But, as I said, I do agree with most of your points. If we can further medical science with this technology, that is a good thing. There are far worse global warming offenders than electrical consumption.

And MDSS - you have obviously not seen some one close to you suffer from the diseases that these scientists are working to prevent / cure. I have lost several family members to cancer, and it is not pretty. There is no reason why we can't stop these diseases AND cut back on greenhouse gases at the same time. We all should do our part on ALL fronts. If you felt as strongly about it as your statement suggests, you would not be on your computer right now wasting time and electricity with a video game forum.
#5.10 (Edited 2834d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
yanikins111  +   2831d ago
@ funkey
Global warming has never killed anybody?


Sure cyclones.... sorry, hurricanes are a fact of life, but they are becoming more frequent and severe. Hell didnt a typhoon just wipe out 50 thousand people in burma? Yes these things have always happened, but most scientists agree that they are becoming more frequent.

Anywho, my only gripe with folding at home is the idea of networking hundreds of thousands of cell processors. The same processors that run advanced Artificial Intelligence simulations in labs. <shivers>
juuken  +   2835d ago
I feel like a n00b. What is Folding Home? .-.
Amp  +   2834d ago
Here you go your PS3 can run this program, look at your cross media bar. Everybody with a chronic disease thanks you:)
juuken  +   2834d ago
Sounds very interesting! Think I'll check it out.
aiphanes  +   2834d ago
Finnally!!! The ps3 kicks major boooty!
2 petra flops! Other processors only dream of what the Cell can do...and it is only gonna get better!

This is simply amazing!!!

By the way I am over 1330 work units....there was a time not to long ago that the PS3 was folding over 10 work units a day! There were these work units that only took 3 hours to fold!

There was one day last week where i got 2500 points in one day!!! just from the PS3!

I can not wait this there is a PS HOME Trophy for folding@home stats!
#7 (Edited 2834d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
shine1396  +   2834d ago
that's actually quite a good should bring it up in the playstation forumz...or even on the blog...
SiLeNt KNighT  +   2834d ago
i remember that. for that last week or so the work units have been taking about a day and a half. makes it less satisfying when it takes almost 2 full days of actual folding to get just 1 unit done. doesnt matter in the main scheme of things because we are still helping, just a mind thing. ive been having a lot of freezing problems with f@h lately though. completely freezes my ps3 and i have to hold down the power button for a few seconds to make it restart. if ms would just make the software for sony and sony made ms's hardware all would be well.
PR0F3TA  +   2834d ago
wait... so its not an application that teaches you to fold clothing @ home 0.o

no wonder =/
GutZ31  +   2834d ago
I'll teach you how to fold clothes if you pay me $2080.
bakasora  +   2834d ago
thats something.
Hollander  +   2834d ago
Mind control
Foldin@home isn't trying to cure diseases. its trying to find a way to effectively control minds. And seeing as so many ps3 owners paid a lot of money for a game consol and have more time spent in folding then gaming I can say they are making progress :P
THUNDERMARE  +   2834d ago
I'm waiting for the day that you discover that you have a brain tumor. You, then, ran to your local Bestbuy or EBgame buy 20 PS3 and start Folding like no tomorrow...
Mr_Bun  +   2834d ago
You are an ass, but it made me laugh
Merovee  +   2834d ago
Maybe we could dedicate some F@H time to curing Xbox's RROD bug and Hollander could stop belly-aching and play a game.
ban fans  +   2834d ago
I really hope that is a joke.

And if you spend more time playing games than time spent NOT playing games, you really need to get out more!
Ludwig  +   2834d ago
Strange, one would think the folding ratio would fall during GTA4 times.. O.o'
buddyro  +   2834d ago
Hi I see
some people don't understand the purpose of folding at home and are stating that it is helping "global warming" that is true but there is nothing you can do you cant just stop using electronics and go back to the cave man days. In my mind you are trying to discourage people from Folding @ Home which i can understand why. Maybe you have an Xbox or PC and it will take your life time to do what my Playstation 3 does in a month. Then you say you rather die of cancer then cure it well you can die of cancer just smoke 30 packs a day bye your next birthday you will receive you cancer. Well a family member died of cancer and I all ways wished I could have done something about and I am which is Folding @ Home. To everyone participating Keep The Hope Alive (The hope to find a cure that is)
CrazyMystical  +   2834d ago
fold as much as you can dont worry about ur light bill just make some minor changes in ur life to offset the cost
rawg  +   2834d ago
Folding is good
Think of it as doing your part to provide scientists and doctors with the world's most powerful computer so they can do their work.

The power consumption is negligible and as many have said can be easily offset by turning off other electronics that aren't contributing to the fight against cancer and disease.
Hollander  +   2831d ago

Thats nice he wants me to get a brain tumor and I got 7 disagreas and he only gets one? Hypocrites...


Mabey they could use F@H to figure out how to make games for the ps3 so I can finaly buy some exclusive worth buying for the bloody thing. (Yes I own a ps3)

@Mr Bun

thats what I was aiming for (on both counts :P)

@ban fans

No, I reall think they are using F@H for mind control...
You really can't afford to be this naive (that goes to most of you...)
yanikins111  +   2831d ago
I hope
That one day people look back and admire folding@home as one of the wonders of our time. It might sound silly, but what you have is multiple generations, from pretty much every country on the planet dedicating energy and resources to curing some of the most terrible diseases that we as a people have ever faced. Its something i think we should be proud of for achieving. No one makes any money off of it, and no one has to leave their electronics on all night but we still do and its one of the very small highlights that I can find in our world.

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