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Maximum Interview: the Science Behind Folding @ Home

1546d ago - Maximum PC: Walking into the Pande Lab at Stanford University is somewhat of a hardcore geek’s ul... | PC

The healing power of PlayStation 3

1566d ago - Critical Gamer writes: There has been a lot of hype about the power of the Cell processor residin... | PS3

How Folding@home Turned Friends Against One Another

1574d ago - How a couple of egos and extrinsic motivations turned Folding@home into a bloody cold war competi... | PS3

Gaming community credited for solving problems in protein structures

1638d ago - The gaming community of Foldit bring the scientific community one step closer to solving the myst... | PC

Grand Theft Auto V (XB1) Review

Now - Ken returns to Los Santos and gets lost in its world again. | Promoted post

Gaming for the Greater Good: Folding@home

1955d ago - J. Cosmo Cohen: Right before I purchased my PlayStation 3, my friend began telling about Folding@... | 1

Folding@Home Network Three Times Faster Than World's Fastest Supercomputer

1963d ago - IBM's Roadrunner, the world's fastest supercomputer, which is powered by the Cell microprocessor,... | 1,12,14

NRDC Study a Waste of Energy

2260d ago - "The new report from the Natural Resources Defense Council, innocuously titled "Lowerin... | 1,2,3,9,13

Folding@Home 2.0 - An Online Protein Folding Game

2456d ago - "In collaboration with others, Baker has designed a game, called "Foldit," with a... | 1,11

PS3 & Folding@Home reach 2 Petaflops

2457d ago - Folding@Home computing power reaches 2080 Terraflop mark (2 petaflops). As of November 2007,... | 1,13,14

Folding@Home Gets Auto-Shutdown, Background Tunes

2598d ago - To co-incide with the release of PS3 firmware v2.10, Sony have announced an updated Folding@Home... | 1

Folding@Home Petaflop Barrier Crossed

2688d ago - The momentum and excitement for the Folding@home project continues. This time it's something that... | 1

PS3's Computing Power and Productivity Capabilities to be Explored

2703d ago - IT|Redux, New Rules for a New IT World, today announced it will showcase ways to use the PLAYSTAT... | 1,13,14

Sony San Diego Shifts Developers To PSN Games

2780d ago - Talking to Gamasutra as part of an upcoming San Diego Studio Tour series, SCEA producer Jim Molin... | 1

Folding@Home about to hit a Petaflop

2802d ago - Earlier today Folding@home was at 905 Teraflops. Soon it should hit a Petaflop. The Playstation 3... | 1

Folding@Home: Sony doesn't like Microsoft joining for "PR"

2812d ago - The 360 and the PS3 are in the middle of a war of bullet points: who has the best high-definition... | 1,2

Can the PlayStation 3 aid cancer research?

2816d ago - An experimental science project reaches epic proportions courtesy of Sony's powerful processor.... | 1

Xbox 360 not as useful as PS3 for Folding@home

2828d ago - Vijay Pande, creator of the Folding@home project, which harnesses the power of networked Playstat... | 1, 2, 13, 15

Don't forget to leave Folding@Home on each Sunday

2831d ago - Check out the Official-ish PS3Fanboy Folding Team stats, they've almost cracked the top 400 world... | 1,14
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