[email protected] Network Three Times Faster Than World's Fastest Supercomputer

IBM's Roadrunner, the world's fastest supercomputer, which is powered by the Cell microprocessor, is still outpaced by the [email protected] network.

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gaffyh2684d ago

Never underestimate the power of the PlayStation. :)

ZBlacktt2683d ago

It's even is used to locate oil in the worlds oceans. :)

lalalala2683d ago

^You serious or are you joking?

gaffyh2683d ago

I think he is joking :D

gaffyh2684d ago

dude you are so gonna get flamed lol. Also brand new news -

^Something to do with heart attacks I think.

kagon012684d ago

Oh... That is why I posted here at the open zone...

Sorry for being blind...

gaffyh2683d ago

Lol, I find that video really funny for some reason.

ZBlacktt2683d ago

"use the Xbox 360 processors as a cheap way to conduct parallel processing"

LOL, now that was funny.

gaffyh2683d ago

Technically it's the same technology as [email protected], because you can use your PC graphics processor to do folding.

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Malebaria2684d ago

Skynet is coming folks!

gauntletpython2684d ago

PS3: It only does everything :P

jack_burt0n2684d ago

BING "You earned a trophy"

You cured motherfu**ing Cancer!

Johnny Rotten2684d ago

personally I see a cure more as wishful thinking, but I also believe that every little bit count towards a step in the right direction!

gaffyh2684d ago

@3.1 - Yeah exactly, though it would be nice to know how far they have advanced their research (in real terms) due to [email protected]

Shoko2683d ago

They use it to research Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's Disease, MadCow Disease, Huntington's Disease, P53, Osteogensis imperfecta, and it helps them develop new antibiotics! Sony & Playstation 3 making a difference for not just the user, but for everyone else in the world! It was Sony that made the [email protected] application for the PS3. They care about their machine and know it can be used to help mankind.
But Microsoft and the Xbox360? All they contribute are RRODs, e74 errors, and BLUE SCREENS. Go Microsoft!

gaffyh2683d ago

@above - But has anything actually come out of it? Like actual drugs that help? I would just really like to honestly know, because it's kinda like doing it for no incentive (other than feeling good).

Shoko2683d ago

Yeah dude, if you go to their website, then head over to the results and awards page. See for yourself.

gaffyh2683d ago

Wow seems like they've got a lot of awards for this, I need to start Folding a little more.

Kakkoii2683d ago

A cure for cancer, wishful thinking? Lol?

Trust me, as someone who is heavily into new medicine research and various areas of nature science, I know that we are actually quite close to cures for a lot of things. We are just now starting to develop the ability to manipulate genes, and create new life that can target and kill certain types of cells for us (i.e: cancer cells.). Or switch on genes in ourselves that will prevent cancers from forming. This same research will allow people to live much longer, healthier lives, if not for as long as they want in the future.

Good to read up on current research when you get the chance. I read the newest articles every morning.

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