Xbox 360 not as useful as PS3 for [email protected]

Vijay Pande, creator of the [email protected] project, which harnesses the power of networked Playstation3s across the world to carry out essential research into Alzheimer's Disease, has revealed to Pro-G that the 360 is of limited help to his work.

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TriggerHappy4009d ago

This is coming from the creator himself, guess the 360 really cant do [email protected] *shrugs*

Dareaver14009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

Even if the 360 can't do folding as fast as a ps3, it can do it faster than a pc, so why not still offer it. I mean they are still allowing the program for pc users, why not offer it for 360 users. If he was really out to help people, he wouldn't make such stupid comments. You would want help from every facet of the planet, and you wouldn't try to put down something else. To me (i'm sorry guys) but that sounds bought. Just an observation. They are still using pcs', they are now using ps3's, what is really the problem with using 360's for those that want to help. I mean it's for the greater good, right? It's not for bragging rights about a console. That's just a bonus for sony about calculations (but you want to know a secret, the ps2 could calculate faster than the original xbox so go figure). I'm sorry this guy is full of crap now, I don't get why you wouldn't want help from those who want to help. Doctor's are bought all the time from pharmaceutical companies, why couldn't he be bought? Like i said before, the ps3 can calculate faster, but a 360 contribution would still help us all, and is faster than the pc's so someone really needs to get the ball rolling. We are talking about a disease that can affect us all, both 1st hand or 2nd hand. We would still all benefit in the end if we used all our resources to find a cure or something.

This world is so stupid sometimes!!!!!!!!!!

Thanx for the disagrees guys, atleast if your are gonna disagree with me, be brave enough to say why. That would be the more mature thing to do. But thanx anyway, atleast it shows that you read my comment (i hope), and maybe you got something out of it.

dantesparda4009d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

Where does it say that the 360 could do it faster than the PC? stop jumping to conclusions. The 360's 3 core processor is an in-line processor with only 1MB of L2 cache shared amongst 3 cores! and runs at only half the speed of the core! (1.6GHz, which is asynchrous, which results in all sorts of latency issues), This is in no way faster than A PC CPU. That may be fine for graphics processing & properly arranged general code but not general processing, or branch execution, or heck even AI or physics, which need to change with whats going on. Now the PS3's architecture seems to work better for this form of processing, and the advantage really lies in the SPU's and not the PPC core, (which is almost the same thing as the cores inside the Xenon.

P.S. Im not one of the "Disagrees" i dont waste my time with that, as it has to reload the page, no thanks

XxZxX4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

"This world is so stupid sometimes!!!!!!!!!!"

You know the world might be stupid in the eyes of genius or retard that too full of himself. You pick which one you wannabe.

artman4008d ago

I was going to click disagree, but you got disagree point so many already. btw ... I believe its because you mention that 360 is faster than PC, do realize what is your saying?
the truth is PC still faster, I'm not sure about CELL though, nobody officially test on both CHIP yet.
if you think again with macPRO 8 core, do you think 360 is still faster?

if 360 is faster then I would like to use 360 for my farm rendering, which is more cheaper than render boxx, where the cost is at least $1750 for each unit, with the price of $600 PS3 is surely cheapest supercomputer. it's true. I'm not a CELL maniac. and it's not me to say the fist that CELL is fast for calculating.

Dareaver14006d ago

I'm talkin about the average pc users computers, i mean there are now quad core pcs of course the 360 is not faster than those, but i'm just generally speaking about the average consumer who is running folding at home.

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CG4009d ago

Guess the 360 is only built for GAMING after all....ah well all the 360 owners will just have to continue gaming while the ps3 fans enjoy [email protected]

razer4008d ago

Agree.. Big stinking deal.. Buy your console to Fold.. I bought mine to play games. I can't wait to see an article about the Power Button. The PS3 power button feels softer on my finger than the 360 button.. There's one more fanboy arguement we haven't had yet.

Shadow Flare4009d ago

I guess the ps3 really does slaughter the 360 in terms of power/ calculations per second and so forth. All the better for ps3 games, shame the 360 can't handle that

Boon Tarkas4009d ago

And while your machine is farting out quadratic equations and square rooting pie I'll be playing GOW and other scorching games.

Have fun, but assurredly, if its your machine vs. my machine you won't catch up in this department for quite some time yet.

uxo224008d ago

You guys compare these consoles for everything. It's really getting rediculous. If the folding dude don't think the 360 is as good for folding then good. Not the 360 owners need not feel bad for not helping a good cause. They can just say, my 360's not compatible. Besides, if some one was willing to lend me a FREE hand, I'd accept their offer without whining about how little help their giving, this guy must be a retard. Anyway!

This is the one of the dumbest posts i've seen yet. To be honest about it, unless there is a new game coming out that uses the folding engine (sarcasm) them who cares. The xbox360 displays xboxlive better than the ps3, but really, who cares. I know I don't!

Just another lame post to start people to flaming, it's not about folding anymore, now it's about which console is better, as usual I guess.

ThatCanadianGuy3257d ago

Hmm..years later, and you're still playing Gears of war.LMFAO

Meanwhile we, PS3 owners, are being treated to la creme de la creme of Visual stunners.Sucks to be a bot.


you are still playing gow???

hahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahhahahahahahahahha


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snakeater34009d ago

aaa well...i guess the 360 is not that powerful afterall...i guess the 360 has really reached its limit overheating running games an' all...whilst ps3 can dish out equally good games whilst farting complex calculations in its sleep....imagine what the ps3 can do 2 years from now...swweeeeetttt

TriggerHappy4009d ago

This is about [email protected] and how it cannot run on the 360, lets now go overboard with this. It has no relation to gaming on either consoles.

WilliamRLBaker4008d ago

I dont remember reading at any point in the article that 360 cannot run folding...nice lie to tell.

razer4008d ago

It's fanboy wars.. When you back a sick animal into a corner it will lash out anyway it can.. This latest is this folding BS.. It's hard for them to accept they aren't #1 no matter how much they blabber on about the power of the cell.. Which is damn powerful btw but not god's gift to processing like many of these comments would lead you to believe.

Not one point did I read that the 360 couldn't do Folding.. But then again I don't think half of the people arguing read the article.