Battlefield 4 Beta Bug List Goes Live, DICE Now Working On Known Issues

Battlefield 4 is now in beta, and users have been reporting a number of bugs from all builds. DICE has now posted the list online and has stressed it is working to remedy the problems.

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SeanScythe1755d ago

How about player names not showing up and wasting mags on friends. I had it last night where me and my squad was fighting another group on the top of the building and we were on opposite sides but the names never showed up to tell us who's side they were on. after 2 mins we figured it was our own teams. PS3 version

clmstr1755d ago

Dat stuttering and low performance.
I've tried 3 different GPU drivers and still it's an issue.

Ticklez1755d ago

Can I please shit talk in the lobby, plus I'd like to see what the next map is that I'm playing .

Plagasx1755d ago

Yea, I thought they said the ability to see the next map would be in the game..Maybe just not in the beta.

Goro1755d ago

There's only 1 map in the Beta

HarryB1755d ago

Shit talking is now available after map round is over. And another thing there's about 400 people playing the pc beta right now. Majority of players have the same common problems with fps stuttering. Some beta drivers worked but for many like myself it didn't. So we have to wait.