‘Battlefield 4′ Will be Optimised for AMD Components

Computer hardware distributor AMD recently issued a statement (along with EA) on IGN clarifying that, since the next-gen consoles – the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One – both run on AMD hardware, the relationship between the company and the Battlefield series developer DICE which enables the two to collaborate on and optimise DICE’s upcoming Battlefield 4 for AMD hardware will not be exclusive to AMD components.

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SynGamer1768d ago

Great news considering the new consoles use AMD power. Even better news for my laptop which has an AMD APU combo :)

pixelsword1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

This was bound to happen when Nvidia basically gave the consoles the finger and consoles gave it back.

Nvidia may be ahead with the tech on some technical levels, but with that extra money for R&D, AMD may be able to make some strides.

(I have Nvidia in my PC and I am not amused) :D

B-radical1768d ago

So keen for maxwell next year

kB01768d ago

Amd needs to remember it makes Cpus too...

I gaurantee most profits that keep it afloat come from video cards...

If intel and Nvidia ever partner up, I don't see amd surviving lol...well maybe because of consoles but even then:P.

I'd love to see AMD get back, I use to be a huge fan before the 2900 XT and the 9600 Phenom Quad:)

aquamala1768d ago

and it will be optimized for intel and nvidia components, nothing new here

NameRemoved00171768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

This has nothing to do with Intel vs AMD. A game optimized to run on 4 cores at 75% will run at 4 cores 75% on both an amd cpu and an Intel cpu. The intel CPU will of course win since the per core performance is about double AMD's fx series.

This means that games will ship with better optimization for AMD but that doesn't mean it will be better.

Software_Lover1768d ago

^^^^^ I understand all that. I was agreeing with him/her.

kydrice1768d ago

If my Titan can't run it as well as any AMD, then it's just pure BS.

thehitman1768d ago

Why because you spent a lot of money on it?

jimmywolf1768d ago

because the raw power of titan i would never pay that price but if you did then if should run any game with in this year easy

soultecc1768d ago

why because you cannot afford one

B-radical1768d ago

You can get a 780 which is nearly the same for a whole bunch cheaper

kydrice1768d ago

@B-radical I bought my Titan awhile ago and I did not buy it to play games. I had a GTX 670 before it which was already more than I needed for games. I edit movies in raw files in Davinci and the Titan with it's cuda cores helps. The fact that its awesome at games too is frosting.

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NameRemoved00171768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Nvidia isn't going anywhere and their drivers/software are still lightyears ahead of AMD. My next upgrade is going to be to a 9970 or a 880, lets see how well volcanic islands can hold its own againist maxwell a year from now and see if the next gen consoles actually give AMD an edge.

AMD does get a lot of crap about their software but it is without a doubt getting closer to Nvidia.

The next gen consoles will probably be the push AMD needs to get ahead. Also Opencl particle effects made by developers can rival/beat PHYSX.

Both nvidia and amd support open cl but open cl runs better on AMD cards.

awi59511768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Their drivers were never better they just paid developers 2 million dollars each to make games run better on their stuff. This is just nividias petty tactics comming back to bite them in the ass. Just like when they lost the court case when they got caught red handed making their cards purposely downclock when they detected AMD cpu's driving them. Amd should have sued them for damages after they got caught.

NameRemoved00171768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Theres a pretty good chance this generation AMD will be better than Nvidia on a large majority of games, can't wait to see the people who wasted $1050 on a titan crying.

I wish Nvidia would sell physx cards like they used to for around $100 but they want you to waste $400 on a 770 to play games with physx on high so no.

I will give nvidia credit for one thing.

The new physx 3.0 runs in native x86 on 4 cores. The old physx was x87 emulated on the cpu on one core thats why it ran so bad.

So games like the witcher 3 as long as its physx 3.0 will be fine if your on intel :D

On most stuff I can run physx on my cpu and get 30-40 fps at the worst.

TomShoe1768d ago

Meh, I've always been more on an Intel guy (even my core i5 laptop runs smoothly), but I probably won't see much of a difference.

Whatever makes the game better for everyone.

Truehellfire1768d ago

I am sure they will still be optimized well for nVidia. Don't forget that Frostbite is already better suited towards nVidia cards, so AMD optimization will mean they will perform closer to nVidia.

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