Next Gen Consoles, YouTube, and You: A Bleak Future?

YouTube is a very central part of today's gaming culture. With hundreds of thousands of YouTuber content creators getting billions of views from millions of passionate gamers. There is a vast multitude of sub-genres within the YouTube gaming community ranging from comedies, tips and tricks, walkthroughs, "Let's Plays", angry rants, reviews, glitches, advice, montages, and "how to" videos just to name but a few. It goes without saying, although I will go ahead and say it anyway, YouTube... is kind of a big deal. With the gaming world moving onto the next generation of consoles, it begs the question, how will YouTube be affected by this?

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President1886d ago

Hate Lets Plays, I just wanna see gameplay, not hear you trying to be funny and scream because you suck at the game. You are not funny, dont beg for me to subscribe all the time.

NioRide1885d ago

I heard a lot of people say this, I stopped doing lets plays on my account and just post up gameplay footage and the occasional montage/gmv for fun.

But this whole integrating thing is really killing youtube. No one wants to see the same 30 second clip of some guy crashing his car or some lame headshot over and over.

rajman1885d ago

Im not a fan of commentary over walkthroughs/playthroughs either, which is why I dont add any over my playthroughs.
I find it ok over online games though

CalamityCB1886d ago

I've always thought that "Lets PLays" can drastically affect the gaming industry, as thousands of people would rather watch someone else play the game, instead of buying it for themself.
Too many terrible youtube gamers at the moment, just making videos for da money with un-original content (e.g. Pewdiepie, yogscast, smosh etc._

Roccetarius1885d ago

Things are only going to get worse, with the flood of devices able to upload to Youtube. There are very few quality Let's Plays out there.