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AMD will add Free Battlefield 4 in Future Promotion of its Graphics Cards

Yeah! You read it right, AMD is going to bundle Battlefield 4 with its graphics cards future promotion campaign as such "Never Settle". This is a great news for all those Battlefield 4 fans

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Software_Lover1540d ago

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu AMD, lol.

I currently have a 7950 that I am happy with. Hell, I'm a BF3 premium player and haven't even had time to play most of the maps because of my other addictions, The Old Republic and APB reloaded. Too much for me to handle right now.

Baylex1540d ago

I know that feeling lool

ATi_Elite1540d ago

Yep I always felt I would get BF4 for FREE!

Crysis 3 Free (not worth money anyway)
Bioshock Infinite Free
Far Cry 3 Free
Tomb Raider Free

Most AAA multiplats are given away for Free on the PC w/ a GPU purchase and seeing how I build PC's I'm always ordering GPU's

Scenarist1540d ago

hopefully its with a good card to upgrade to be future proof.. cuz i need to upgrade by christmas

TopDudeMan1540d ago

...And I was thinking about upgrading my graphics card in a while.

RumbleFish1540d ago

I don't need free games. I prefer Nvidia.

kikoano1540d ago

yeah nvidia have done this too on many games

Fluke_Skywalker1540d ago

I've always been an Nvidia man myself, but with the next gen consoles rocking AMD tech, I fear that future games may be built using AMD and thus may run a bit better on AMD chipsets.
Who knows but I'm due an upgrade anyway, still packing a GTX460, I imagine I'll be staying with Nvidia though.

Software_Lover1540d ago

I was always with Nvidia until "last gpu gen". I got a 6950 and was very happy with it. I got a great deal on a 7950 and couldn't pass it up.

LAWSON721540d ago

Will it be a 7000 series deal if so def. get another 7950 around that time

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The story is too old to be commented.