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CCP Games, Tammeka and More React to HoloLens

6d ago - VRFocus - Following the official reveal of Microsoft’s head-mounted display (HMD) this week, VRFo... | Tech

CCP Games CEO Teases Possible Gear VR Project for EVE Fanfest Reveal

8d ago - VRFocus- CCP Games is currently working on what has to be one of the most anticipated virtual rea... | Android

EVE Valkyrie, An Introduction

44d ago - Come with us, as we look at what we know about EVE Valkyrie currently, and why we're excited to p... | PC

DUST514 Exploit allows paying for Skill Points

53d ago - With CCP Games’ little-shooter-that-can, DUST514, getting updates again, along has come a situati... | PS3

See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

CCP Hanging Out at EVE Online

63d ago - EVE Online isn’t exactly an easy game to get in to. It has a steep learning curve that for some i... | PC

CCP Pulls the Plug on a Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines Fan Remake In Development

68d ago - CCP (Popular EVE developer and publisher) has issued a Cease & Desist letter to the in-developmen... | PC

Eve Online Interview At EVE Vegas

92d ago - CCP Games developer Andie Nordgren discusses new expansions and gameplay for EVE Online, the spac... | PC

EVE Valkyrie Gameplay Interview At EVE Vegas

96d ago - CCP Games developer Eric Cooper discusses the latest updates for the virtual reality dogfighting... | PC

Project Legion Gameplay Interview At EVE Vegas

96d ago - CCP Games developer Ryan Geddis discusses the latest details about the PC shooter Project Legion... | PC

EVE Online developer, CCP Games, shuts down studio

153d ago - CCP Games has experienced some troubling economic times, and unforunately, that means people are... | PC

DUST 514 shuts down Oceania server

185d ago - Oceania DUST 514 players have gotten an eviction notice from their home. CCP announced that it wi... | PS3

EVE Online Has A New Executive Producer

187d ago - CCP Games has announced today that their sc-fi MMO game EVE Online has a new Executive Producer:... | PC

EVE Crius Site Launches

195d ago - CCP has launched the feature website for upcoming update to EVE called Crius along with a new dev... | PC

World of Darkness Development Was "Aggressive and Loud", Says Former CCP Director

237d ago - Former employees of CCP Atlanta, the studio behind World of Darkness, have revealed that the doom... | PC

EVE Valkyrie Developer Talks Katee Sackhoff

252d ago - CCP Games developer Chris Smith talks about the benefits of Oculus DK2 and having Katee Sackhoff... | PC

EVE Valkyrie Unreal Engine 4 Interview With Chris Smith

261d ago - CCP Games developer Chris Smith explains what Epic Games Unreal Engine 4 has opened up for the Oc... | PC

EVE Valkyrie Sony Project Morpheus Interview

261d ago - CCP Games Sigurður Gunnarsson talks about changes made to improve the gatling gun in EVE Valkyrie... | PS4

EVE Online Kronos Interview With Eyjo Gudmundsson

266d ago - CCP Games Eyjo Gudmundsson talks about how EVE Online Kronos will affect the in-game economy of t... | PC

Oculus Rift EVE Valkyrie Preview Interview With Chris Smith

266d ago - CCP Games developer Chris Smith talks about the different loadouts and roles in EVE Valkyrie, the... | PC

EVE Valkyrie New Ships And Gameplay Detailed By CCP Games

266d ago - CCP Games developer Sigurður Gunnarsson discusses the newest additions to the Oculus Rift EVE Val... | PC

The New Nintendo 3DS XL Is Here

Now - Is the system worth your hard earned money? | Promoted post

EVE Online Kronos Preview Gameplay Interview With Steven Clark

266d ago - CCP Games developer Steven Clark previews what PC gamers can look forward to in the new EVE Onlin... | PC

EVE Valkyrie Weapon Loadouts Preview Interview

267d ago - CCP Games developer Chris Smith gives an exclusive preview interview on the Oculus Rift EVE Valky... | PC

Dust 514 Project Legion PC Gameplay Preview Interview

267d ago - CCP Games developer Jean-Charles Gaudechon details Dust 514 Project Legion for the PC in this exc... | PS3

Oculus Rift EVE Valkyrie Sigurður Gunnarsson Interview

267d ago - At EVE Fanfest 2014 in Iceland, CCP Games Sigurður Gunnarsson explains what's new with the develo... | PC

EVE Online Kronos Industry System Preview Interview

267d ago - CCP Games developer Steven Clark explains how the next expansion, Kronos, will have a destabilizi... | PC
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