Microsoft: Is Their Failure Inevitable? Probably Not...

While you’d think we all eagerly await the announcement of the next Xbox from Microsoft (MS), it seems some parties have a somewhat different view on what the future holds. Forbes analyst Adam Hartung recently delivered what can only be described as an utterly damning verdict of MS’s future chances, suggesting that the company’s failure may already be inevitable, and their entertainment section could be sold to Sony!

Anything said by an analyst with a grain of salt as their every statement seems to be intended to get their name into the press but is there any cause for concern?

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TheLyonKing1907d ago

To one word: Money

Even if they fail it won't stop them

NastyLeftHook01907d ago

gotta have that street cred tho. when i skateboard i know alot of people who have mongoose decks and there crap(break and snap easy (too heavy) and you can get them anywhere, point is that money can only get you so far. and thats why i am sticking with a certain company i want.

and ps: i want to buy that doll.

dedicatedtogamers1907d ago

Well, what does "fail" really mean? A lot of idiots called the PSP a failure, yet it sold nearly 80 million and had a gigantic library of awesome JRPGs, puzzle games, action games, etc. (stuff that wasn't available or possible on the DS).

I guess some people just want everything except their favorite to be a failure.

StrongMan1907d ago

It will fail if the rumors about always online, used games blocked, Kinect required, and Kinect spying on you are true. MS employees are already defending always requiring an online connection to play so that the next Xbox always requiring an online connection must be true.

steve30x1907d ago

When the normal joe soap brings home their shiny new console , connects it up and BAM!!!! they cant play their games without online connection then thats when the hurt will start hitting. I know a few people with PS3's and Xbox 360's that dont have their consoles connected to the internet and they dont want to do so either. Microsoft is thinking inside their own box and not venturing outside the box if they think always online is a good thing.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

this proves xbox online rumor is not true!!

Xbox fans stand up!!


xbox ftl!

DivineAssault 1907d ago

if rumors are true, they will fail.. Im sure their media options will be better than PS4 as well as their camera but that always online, & required install for games will kill it.. Not to mention if they continue catering to casuals with camera games & not stepping up their exclusives.. They will dig their own grave but who knows? This can all be false but i for one will buy PS4 day 1... Not doing that with nx box regardless what cool things illumiroom kinect 2.0 or media apps it has.. Games are all i care about & installing all of em isnt something i want to do

baldulf1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Microsoft was able to sold Kinect by simply throwing a bazillion dollars in marketing.

They would do the same with Durango. Maybe some EA exclusive to sweet the deal and people would even eat a mandatory Gold live service. Yeah, consumers are that dumb.

mcstorm1907d ago

@baldulf this is not true. Just because money is thrown at something's dose not mean it will be a success.

The Original Xbox had a load of money thrown at it yet it was outsold by the PS3. WP7 has just as much money as Kinect put into it yet it was not a success its only now starting to get a grip of the market due to Nokia pushing the hardware and it now getting the Apps it was missing.

For a product to sell it has to have hype and also work. Kinect did work and worked very well for games like Kinect Sports and Dance central. This is the Market that MS wanted to get into and this is where it sold. Yes it was a flop in terms of Core games but was better than Move and Wii Mote for games like this.

I work in the IT industry and ive been following Google, Apple and Microsoft over the past 10 years and seen Apple and Google over take Microsoft in a lot of areas that Microsoft had a grip on and Microsoft deserved to lose out in some of the Markets like Phone and Tablets because they were just looking in one direction but now MS have woken up and the start of having one eco system could see MS over take Google and Apple again on the next 10 years as they are now making very good products. WP8 is a very stable and fast growing OS and Nokia to push it. The surface is imo the best tablet on the market at the moment and offers more than Android tablets and IOS and then adding that to the rise in touch screens over the next few years Windows 8 is ahead of OSX and Chrome. MS will also have the xbox to sit in the middle of WP and Windows that will connect everything together form Games, Music & videos to work Skype ect.

I think in the games industry Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo will have a good gen this up and coming gen though and I don't think there will be a clear winner like in the last 3 gens come the end of it.

1907d ago
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