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Submitted by Espio1 1153d ago | opinion piece

PSM3 investigates: The 15 game-changing features of the PS4

CVG: Mag uses penultimate issue to deliver 'the most accurate picture of PlayStation 4 anywhere in the world' (PS3, Tag Invalid)

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ZeroX9876  +   1153d ago
cross-game voice chat.....
JoGam  +   1153d ago
Is Over rated.
blackbeld  +   1153d ago
Way Over rated.... we have Skype for that.
mynd  +   1153d ago
"We have skype for that"?
WTF, maybe you should at least learn what X game chat is before you go dissing it.
Disagrees.. not surprised. Hell has no fury like a PS3 fan who can't admit a feature would be nice to have.
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rpd123  +   1153d ago
It's definitely not. Should be a pretty simple feature to have. You don't have to shoot it down just because the PS3 doesn't have it and the 360 does.

People are saying you can use Skype or cell phones. Are you guys retarded or something? So you're telling me that you will actually turn down a cross chat feature in favor of your cell phone or Skype? If so, you have some problems.
MRMagoo123  +   1153d ago
Ill admit i dont want cross game chat because i wont use it , i dont use it on the 360 , i use vent on the pc only when on wow. If they add it then thats good i guess for ppl that want it but i cant imagine there are many that do.
Gigglefist  +   1153d ago
I use it on a daily bases. My friend will be playing one game, I'll be playing another... and we can still converse. It's something pretty simple that has no reason not to exist.
Raoh  +   1153d ago
Cross Game Chat is sooooooooo overrated. I think xbox fans just started throwing features out that the ps3 didn't have just to say they had something the ps3 didn't.

1. If your in my squad playing a game with me, you shouldn't be talking to other people playing another game your head should be in the game and talking to your team.

2. Who talks anymore? I use my phone for my mom and my fiance. That's it. All my friends and I talk at work or at the bar in person. I can't speak for everyone but most grown men I know don't like to just chat with other men.

I do see its usefulness for getting a game going but even then I've gotten by since the early ps2 days without it.

Hell I hate when people sent me chat and game invites. I turned on my console and launched a single player game. I may not want to play online, leave me a lone.

Drop in/game joining is a more important feature.
blackbeld  +   1153d ago

of course it would be nice to have cross game chat. But you're missing the point here.

Playing online should be for free. If you want to pay for chat then they should only charge for the chat feature and not for the online gaming.
pixelsword  +   1153d ago
@ mynd:

Can you admit to the above? ;)

At any rate, it is overrated. Yes, it's nice to have, I can't deny that; but "nice to have" does not mean the same thing as "needed" or "necessary".

Playing online in an online game is "needed" and "necessary" if I bought a game that has an online component. I can't do that without paying for online and I have no other option if I want to do that on a 360.

I can work around not having cross-game chat on the PS3 and still play PS3 games while I talk to whomever; I cannot, however, work around not having online on the 360 and still play 360 games online.

That's the difference.
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Reverent  +   1153d ago
Personally, I could care less about cross-game chat. I mean really, if I'm playing Battlefield, and my buddy is playing Skyrim or something, what are we really going to talk about? My friend: "Hey man, I just killed this Mammoth with my bare hands!", Me: "No kidding! I just shot a guy in the penis, har har!"... If there is a feature that I am truly jealous of the 360 that I really do wish the PS3 had, is the ability to send audio messages. THAT, I would use all the time. Sometimes, I really need to smack talk to the enemy team.
Gaming_Guru  +   1153d ago
I would have to agree that cross game voice chat is over rated because when using it the players in the party lose communication with in-game party members if playing in multiplayer.

The cross game voice chat can also allow cheaters to tell where certain enemies are once they die, if they end up on the same side.

If the PlayStation could do what the cross game text chat can do with voice then yes it's a feature worth wild. If not then it's not only a waste, it defeats the purpose of playing online in competitive video games.
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memots  +   1153d ago
paying $50 for cross game chat.. wow
mynd  +   1153d ago
@blackbeld -"Playing online should be for free"

Not sure what that has to do with cross game chat.
That is not the reason you don't have it.
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EeJLP-  +   1153d ago
Their #1 item.. "the number 4 is superstitious" bullsh*t again.

GRAN TURISMO 4, morons!!!


SOCOM 4, Twisted Metal 4,etc.

SONY, VITA, VAIO, etc. 4-letter words.

Sony model XBA-4 Headphones:

Sony VPL-EX4 Projector:

Sony Walkman MW-4:

mp4 music players

4GB memory cards

4" Android 4.0 smartphones that release in the 4th quarter of the year.

retail 4-packs of batteries, cassettes, disks, markers, etc.

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asmith2306  +   1153d ago
It would be nice to have but it is over rated. When I play a game I want to be talking to people playing the same game.
GraveLord  +   1153d ago
Not gaming changing by any means. I already have cross game voice chat, its called a cellphone.
mynd  +   1153d ago
How do you get on talking to multiple people on that then?
N4g_null  +   1153d ago
Conference call
mynd  +   1153d ago
And you know they are all available and online how exactly?
You guys spend way to much time jumping through hoops. Personally I don't use it often, but I do recognize it is a nice feature to actually have.
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pixelsword  +   1153d ago
"And you know they are all available and online how exactly?"

By asking them

"Hey, Are you all available and online?"
Reverent  +   1153d ago
Not to mention, for anyone who has a smartphone (and who doesn't these days?) There are several apps on both the Ios and Android that actually tell you which friends are online and what games they're playing at the moment. These apps exist for both PS3 and Xbox.
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kingmushroom  +   1153d ago
thats gonna come right out of the box when PS4 releases. trust me I KNow ;)
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despair  +   1153d ago
never heard about cross game chat until someone complained that the ps3 didn't have it. never used it or cared for it, but then 95% of my gaming is SP.
MartinB105  +   1153d ago
I don't know about anyone else, but I like to get the most out of my gaming experiences by playing my games in a dark room on a big screen with 5.1 surround headphones and no interruptions.

There would be nothing more distracting and annoying to my gaming experience than having someone who has nothing to do with my game yapping in my ear whilst I'm trying to enjoy my game.

There is a time to talk. During my game is not that time.
onandonandon  +   1153d ago
1st thing I do is mute everyone!!
nunley33  +   1153d ago
PS4/Omni will have x-game chat just like the vita has it. I won't care about it but i could occasionally seeing myself use it if the game needs. The game lobby that keeps everyone together is what i'll like better. Having that will be good to have for all the XBOX converts though. There the ones who can't play a single-player game without someone in their ear.
xflo360  +   1152d ago
In game ads - depends which games you are talking about and how they are implamented.
Say gran turismo 6 for example had ads for halfords, top gear dvds and other car related stuff on loading screens, that would actually be a good thing.

On the other hand if say you were playing uncharted 4 and an advert for " always period pads " randomly just flashed up on the screen that would obviously be wrong!
Frodosmugins  +   1152d ago
wow the ignorance of some people!
Soon as someone says we want xchat you all go nuts with some crap excuses!
personaly xchat should be mandatory!

and why would anyone talk via mobile phone or skype..

Its better to have all in one functions than using seperate things just to talk like xboxlive xchat..

when I play on my console i dont have my pc or laptop on!

maybe when the ps fanboys have a taste of xchat you will never get of it!
Untill then you will just live in denial
ZeroX9876  +   1152d ago
WOW ok, I remove my comment, having more features on our consoles is not good. we should get less features.

just stating one of the most wanted features in the playstation blog poll sections, voted by lots of playstation fans. all those disagrees, are they angry 360 fans or what? people needs to see the difference between trolling and suggestions.

It's like if free online play was a feature and 360 owners would disagree with you....

cross game chat for me is a feature that I like so much on PC. sure, you can easily use the chat service with steam since you got a keyboard, but having one on your console is not as useful compared to VOIP.
one of the reason why I want this is for private chat feature. Devs doesn't seem to include it in their games and I hate hearing people complaining online, so cross game chat seemed like a valuable feature.

Is there any other feature that should NOT be there, except cross game chat?
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PS4OUR  +   1153d ago
The absolute worse thing Sony can do now is to confuse the customer's with 100 features on a system.
The reason people bought PS1's and PS2's in droves was the fact you just pop in a game and play. Simple.
And while i understand the times are moving on with the advent of online play, DLC, updates, online media services etc. it will absolutely cripple any next gen machine that tries to pack in gimmicky useless features for the sake of "one upping" the next console.
I'd love Sony to focus on the GAMES first and foremost. Construct a machine that makes games run effortless, make it piss easy to develop for and make it easy and fun to play.
If it were up to me, i'd just stick with a games machine, online service for updates and DLC and Blu-Ray and DVD playback. End Of Story. Screw 3D Camera's, 4K resolution, motion control. These things just drives up the cost and confuses the consumer. If Sony were smart they'd basically opt for a modern PS2. That machine did games well and thats it. My baby cousin is chewing on one as im typing this. Thats the kind of success Sony needs to focus on. A PS2 for every gran, dad, dog and baby.
dboyc310  +   1153d ago
Well I have no doubt Sony well be doing what your asking for. They are the only company that throws games after games at us. In opposed to Microsoft which has flooded xbox live with apps. I mean I wouldn't really mind of they gave us a lot of apps but it will be great if they can do both. A lot of apps and a lot of games. But apps that are useful not like *cough* *cough* Google maps. In my opinion Sony is positioning themselves fine for next gen.
Blackdeath_663  +   1153d ago
agreed they have created a fine set of new IP's this gen and a collection of high quality exclusives that puts sony at a great position for next gen. the xbox on the other hand will have to compete with the steambox and the services it brings as it doesn't have anything to separate it from the other consoles apart from the kinect but if MS do commit them selves to the kinect then they will lose the majority of their consumer base. the steambox will use steam's services as a selling point and wiiU ofcourse has its gamepad and wiimote.
i think sony above all needs to improve its online services to compete with steam, this shouldn't be too hard with gaikai under their belt.
all in all next gen will be pretty interesting i'm guessing we will see gamers split into different categories with each console taking a different direction. i will be putting my money on the ps4 for next gen =)
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tigertron  +   1153d ago | Well said
I doubt Sony will include interactive adverts that pause your game whilst you're playing. That would be commerical suicide.

As for blocking used games, it's unlikely, but some sort of universal online pass thing might be implemented. It's hard to say but with the current economy, it would be wise for companies not to alienate their consumers.
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GalacticEmpire  +   1153d ago
The article seemed to use a lot of the weird and/or wonderful patents Sony has filed in recent years when, in reality, very little if any will translate into actual PS4 features.

I did like the sound of Sony using a 7970 in PS4 though, now THAT would be something.
dktxx2  +   1153d ago
I would not get my hopes up on the 7970. Unless they have some groundbreaking deal to get them at like 75% off or something, I can't imagine Sony putting them in the PS4. That would mean a $499 console at least. Do they really want to go down that road again?
Conzul  +   1153d ago
There's absolutely nothing wrong with a $499 console. If you can't afford one, it's *you* doing something wrong, not *Sony*.
dktxx2  +   1153d ago
Um, did I say anything like that? I said does Sony really want to go through releasing a $499-$599 console that costs almost $900 to make. Can you really not see why they might have second thoughts about that?
Skynetone  +   1153d ago
My guess if you pause the game it will start playing ads
jalen247  +   1153d ago
That's actually genius. It won't disrupt gameplay and it will help Sony off set cost system/games.
xflo360  +   1152d ago
dont be suprised if there are 2 versions of each game one with no ads for say £45 and one with ads for under £30.
WeAreLegion  +   1153d ago
Cross-game voice chat may be nice for some people, but I pretty much just use Skype via PC or Vita, even when I'm on my PS3 or 360.

They won't block used games, but they will disable trophies for used games, like they do on the Vita. It's actually a pretty good reason to buy new. That...and it's usually cheaper to buy the games on the PSN. ;)
deletingthis34675334  +   1153d ago
They have not disabled trophies on used Vita games, you just have to delete the newly installed app and then install it again. This is probably due to the cards storing some meta data or whatever.

Anyway I'll be all for blocking used games. I buy my games new and rather support the developers than paying $55 to some fat corporate slime at GameStop and the developers not getting any of my money. Really, that is just so criminal. I'd rather pirate my games at this point. At least with piracy nobody is raking in billions of cash off from someone's hard work.
Tetsujin  +   1153d ago
My problem with "blocking used games" is sometimes I have to test a game out before I buy it to verify I don't get motion sickness. One can argue "go play it at someone elses' house" yet there's games I play that's different from someone else; and also there's parts of games I need to see that a lot of demos don't cover.

I can see Sony's reasoning for wanting to block used games, at the same time as a customer I'd rather them try something else all together since some of us need to test the waters before making a $50+ purchase only to resell it for health reasons.
MRMagoo123  +   1153d ago
both you guys are plain stupid , for a start if they want ppl to buy new games they should fix the pricing games are way over priced, also making trophies unavailable on the used games wouldnt do anything who would bother spending an extra $30 just so trophies worked?.

"$55 to some fat corporate slime at GameStop and the developers not getting any of my money. Really, that is just so criminal.I'd rather pirate my games at this point. At least with piracy nobody is raking in billions of cash off from someone's hard work." maybe read your rant again cos that makes no sense at all, if you dont know why dont type ever again.
supremacy  +   1153d ago
I would make sure the ps4 runs software at lightning speeds, faster bluray drives and 8gb of ram is what i would like in the next PlayStation.

And like the article suggest subsidize the cost of the console with ps+subs.

Also would love to see Sony make like a netflix but for games via the ps store through Gaikai. This could be a new platform altogether. Though pricing could be an issue. And what this could mean for retail. But then again knowing Sony they will most likely support multiple revenue streams.
DivineAssault  +   1153d ago
I trust them to deliver me quality gaming experiences that i wont find elsewhere.. Jus like i do with some of nintendos work.. As long as it doesnt exceed $500, im going for it
MrJonathan  +   1153d ago
Pure fiction.
tubers  +   1153d ago
PS4 will save the VITA: "All PS4 games will be (only) Remote Play compatible with the VITA."

How I wish xD

But I think there'd be more interoperability between the Vita and the PS4. I do doubt Cross-Play though.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1153d ago
There is nothing wrong with pre-owned and used games.
dktxx2  +   1153d ago
If you're a developer or publisher there is. And actually people who trade their games in get screwed so really no one but gamestop benefits from it.

As long as Sony or MS have alternative ways to get games cheaper, be it dropping the price quicker or Steam-like sales, I think people will ultimately be okay with whatever they do to combat used game sales. The problem is if they go way too far, which is unfortunately likely.
Kur0  +   1153d ago
except the part where developers and publishers don't get money for it.
Veni Vidi Vici  +   1153d ago
It's the publishers own damn fault for not recognizing the market for pre-owned games before other companies did.

You don't see makers of other products pulling crap like this. Toyota doesn't make it so your car doesn't operate correctly if you bought it used. Samsung doesn't make it so their TV's don't work as well if it was used. Artists don't tell their customers they can't sell their artwork once they don't want it anymore. I could go on forever.

This is nothing more than some companies that are pissed because THEY messed up and it's costing them millions. But instead of trying to adapt, they're taking it out on the consumer.
Tetsujin  +   1153d ago

I agree 100%, and I also want to add if their games were actually good then they wouldn't have to be resold to begin with.

Or sometimes $ gets tight and people need to make sacrifices, but again the developers don't see that.
EeJLP-  +   1153d ago
The game was already paid for.. and what do people do after they trade in games? THEY BUY MORE GAMES!

One of the dumbest arguments in gaming, especially coming from consumers saying they'd rather pay up to 5x the price for new instead of used. You want to throw your money away or make a company into a charity? Go ahead and write them a freakin' personal check.

Or defending online passes in new games, so you can waste your time typing in codes and downloading/installing an unlock key and play with a Smaller online community.
bednet  +   1153d ago
You mean like any other physical product Ford getting money when you sell your Focus?

When I buy a used Ford do they loose a sale? No, because I wouldn't have bought it at full price and as such I accept the fact that it is used and has wear.

You say: Some people keep their cars very clean and do very little new.

I say: And you'll pay more for it.

Anything physical becomes your property once you buy it (not the copyrights). When you sell it, you don't make a profit since you normally sell it for less, and you also loose that ownership.

By preventing the use of used games they would essentially render a purchased product completely worthless the day you put it in your console...
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PhunnyJesta  +   1153d ago
o.0 radeon 7970....I really want to believe that the ps4 is packing that but I doubt that is the case =\
Veni Vidi Vici  +   1153d ago
No used games = no sale. Simple as that.

It's the publishers own damn fault for not recognizing the used game market and trying to benefit from it before GameStop and others did. Now, because they were slow to recognize the market, they're acting like a bunch of babies and won't let you play with their stuff.

You bought the game. It's yours. Now they are making it so you don't even have the right to sell it. F them!
Christopher  +   1153d ago
Really? Because Steam and similar digital only services would beg to disagree.

The point is that used game shops have taken advantage of something that before wasn't a mass appeal element. Like all mediums that are being abused by the progression of technology (music, movies, tv shows, and even books), the future will be in the digital world somehow. The ability to openly trade games will diminish greatly as we continue forward. It's pretty much the only way for the video game to maintain profitability and not result in higher costs to the users.
LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   1153d ago
Steam and other forms of digital sales excell because of competitive pricing. I have bought a bunch of mp3 albums and music from amazon because of the price. .99-6.99 for a song/album when the disc costs 9.99+. If they were to keep their ear to the consumers wishes for cheaper prices for digital goods this may succeed.
You want me to pay the same price for an item and nothing whatsoever to show for it? No Box, no manual, no disc why should it be the same price when there are no shipping costs/printing costs/delivery? No thanks. I see PC games at wal mart brand new for 10 bucks or more savings from the console version. Steam games for less than 20 bucks and the consoles want to charge 49-59 bucks for a digital release. Why the price disparity?
Christopher  +   1153d ago
@LOOK_AT_THIS_I: I didn't say that once they went digital that they wouldn't become more competitive in pricing.

As far as the reason for the price disparity, it's because there are licensing fees on console games that don't exist on PC games. But, more people buy console games than PC games because most people want a device that can run all the games they buy for it well as opposed to worrying if their PC/laptop/etc. can run the latest of a PC game.
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UnholyLight  +   1153d ago
"I dont want cross game chat"


Sony people = You're kidding yourself. It's so nice to talk to who you want, when you want, however the fuck you want!
SpinalRemains138  +   1153d ago
I suppose if you really feel the need to talk to people while you're playing whatever game, but Im in my 30s. I honestly don;t see the fascination with this feature unless you're a 14 year old girl who constantly needs to be speaking to someone because they're too insecure to just spend time alone or focus on what theyre doing.
I don;t need to gossip when I game. That's for some people I guess, but not for an adult who just wants to enjoy the game.
FragMnTagM  +   1153d ago
You make it seem like cross game chat is a bad thing.

I am nearly 30 myself and I use it all the time.

If you only play single player, then there is not much use for it, but if you multiplayer game, it is not matched by any other service I know of.

I have Steam, Ventrilo, Skype, and so on, but they are all seperate from one another and on a different platform (PC).

Being able to invite friends and decide what to play, no matter what anyone is doing at any given time on your console, is pretty nice.

I have a lot of friends that are out of state that we grew up gaming together and the XBOX is the fastest, easiest, most convenient way to catch up with them and get our game on.

I would prefer to play the multiplats on the PC, but most of my friends aren't tech savvy or just plain do not have the money for a gaming rig.

On Topic: I sure hope the PS4 gets a 7970 (AWESOME!). That would make the PS4 slightly more powerful than my PC and that is amazing. I can run nearly every game maxed as it is, couldn't imagine what the PS4 exclusives would look like with that beast of a card.

I hope at least one of the next gen consoles will allow mods. Look at GTA IV. The modding community took a shoddy port and made the game look and play fantastic.

If XBOX Next or the PS4 do not support mods and the Steam box does, I may have to go with that instead.

Ah, who am I kidding I will probably get them all at some point.
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ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1153d ago
I like how you have to be a 14 year old girl to have a want to use Cross Game Chat.

Have you ever set up a party with all your friends before? Set up the party and you all decide what game to start playing. You join a game. Someone got kicked? Oh that's no problem because they're still a part of the chat and can tell everyone. The amount of times I was disconnected from COD4 years back and had to go through the annoying process of getting invited back into a party was a hassle.

I've only recently started using Cross Game chat and it's a great feature. The fact that so many fanboys up there ^^ are condemning it shows how deluded they are.
Rhythmattic  +   1152d ago

Cross game chat would be great if it was also on the PS3.
But keep in mind , people that defend the PS3 for not having it, are balanced out by the 360 users saying its totally necessary..

If people say that cgc (cross game chat) makes it a better experience for them @ $$ per year, so be it..

But the fact still remains, an ad free PSN does everything else...for Zero... Zot... Zilch...

A hypothetical...

If sony gave everyone the option to pay for cgc at even half the price point of Live, the adoption would be so minimal....

If MS allowed all live users to play online,access netflix ect, without cgc , I would imagine the Gold subscriptions would drop at least by 95%... Maybe thats even being to conservative ?
UnholyLight  +   1151d ago

Man I don't even know where to start. You're fucking 30 years old and you think that because I enjoy a feature that should be standard across all consoles means I am a" 14 year old gossip girl". At 30 I'd expect a little more maturity from someone which you clearly lack due to your idiotic comment.

Oookay then. It's great because you can talk to whoever you want, whenever you want. My friends list isn't just full of random people I don't know, there are people that I actually know being able to put six or whatever people in a party and talk to everyone all at once regardless of what they are doing on their respective consoles is great.

If it's unnecessary then Sony won't make it a standard feature on their next system, which they will.
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youndamie  +   1153d ago
Love that PS4 Concept
Pillsbury1  +   1153d ago
Awesome exclusives? Check. Faster performance? Check. Incredible value for your gaming dollar? Check. It only does awesome.
akaakaaka  +   1153d ago
PS4 should have free dlc for extra maps and campaign in all their games or exclusives. (Pc does it and it it will help to create a better community, users will actually enjoy the game how was meant to be enjoyed)
Don't you think is annoying to have buy a dlc and nobkdy plays it after a week? (Or exclusive dlc if you pre order) this trend should end its ruining the experience.

Ps4 sould have mandatory good server's for no online lag.

Better and more competitive prices for the PSN.

Maybe a annual fee for free dlc subscription in all the games you own, I will accept such a thing. But free dlc shouls be without this.
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nunley33  +   1152d ago
Some games offer free DLC like NISA, they always give lots free for their games. But i wouldn't be for mandatory free dlc cause you will see far less of it. It's like that saying about healthcare, if you think it's expensive now, wait till it's free. PS3 does have good online with no lag cause sony uses dedicated servers, at least for their games. Compared to 360 which uses P2P, dedicated is prefered. Not many like buying dlc but if its good then you won't hear many complaints. The only reason companies like activision can sell map packs is because millions buy them. If many stopped then the price would come down, but that ain't happening anytime soon.
akaakaaka  +   1152d ago
Yes most sony games have no lag but for example kz2 had a anti lag feature that was taken out so users with bad internet connection could play and that start causing lag and in general dedicated server does not mean lag free, I want anti lag technology with dedicated server's.

And dlc should be free I don't care if less is made I want a quality experience and saling dlc ruin and divide the community specially in if is not cod since is guarantee to sale goos since it has a huge community, sony ans others have to adapt, they can't threat killzone dlc like if is cod and think that millions will buy it, it a rip of to buy a dlc that just few buy and nobody plays it since the community is not that huge as the one in cod sony and other dev should change this.
Lazyeye79  +   1153d ago
If there is in game advertising, I will not buy. And will instead support hacking and pirating of the games.
streetking93  +   1153d ago
My problem with blocking used games if what if i decide to go to a friends house and they dont own a game but i do. I dont wanna drag my system over to there house when i could just take the game. Also what if i am unsure whether or not i wanna buy a game but my friend has it. I would just wanna borrow it from him instead of renting it from gamefly or redbox.
nevin1  +   1153d ago
What is the likely hood of Sony or Microsoft banning used games on their new machines?

or what about this?

"You'll need to register games to your PSN account
Once you've bought a disc, you'll need to register it to a single online PSN account, rumours suggest. After this, you can copy the game to your HDD (and download a digital version, if you sell or damage the disc). Locking games to an account is already used by Steam on PC. PS4 may not be always online - you might just need to connect to register a Blu-ray."

Talking about eliminating yourself from the next gen race.
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Riderz1337  +   1153d ago
"....rumours suggest..."

Jack Tretton already said that he doesn't like blocking used games/registering a game onto your PSN account because it would be, and I quote, "anti-consumer". But hey, what does he know. He is only the CEO of SEA.
LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   1153d ago
The dc universe game was a coaster after it was used when it was released. After I quit playing it was worthless in anyone else's machine. So there is a way to detect. They even used the new game detection for the ps rewards program they had setup a few years back that gave points for using new game discs.
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Pillsbury1  +   1153d ago
What are everyone's thought on the rumored "omni" glasses? It sounds very intriguing with thin see through amoled that displays information and turns Tvs 3D. It sounds amazing but we will se what the future holds.
strigoi814  +   1153d ago
its funny when something like this come out..i can see very outrageous people comparing something to a car, to a phone, to a video guys sometimes are funny its like a Yo Momma! Battle..
black911  +   1153d ago
All I care about is the games,online, and controller and all are fine with the PS3.
Platinum_k  +   1153d ago
That concept design(PS3) looks sick! I want it!
ShadowGhost  +   1153d ago
It pretty much confirms that Sony is going to show off the PS4/Omni or whatever it is called at E3 next year. Their big exclusives for PS3 are releasing before E3 and they're gearing up to show us what the PS4/Omni can bring for new experiences like features and games. I'm excited to see what PSN will be like next gen in terms of features since PSN on PS3 was a start. Here are the release dates for their big exclusives before E3:

1. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (Feb.5,13 NA) EU in March
2. God of War: Ascension (March 2013)
3. Beyond: Two Souls (April 2013)
4. The Last of Us (May 7,2013)

I'm excited for E3 next year and can't wait to see what Sony is cooking with their next gen console.
cliffyboy21  +   1153d ago
lock out pre owned games?! i seriously doubt it tat would be a big mistake, if sony were to do that and microsoft didnt sony would loose a huge fanbase,plus they own the most 1st party devs i see no reason why they would have too
Bolts  +   1153d ago
GameStop and budget gamers who buy used games can pretty much bend over and kiss thier ass good bye. This a loop hole that many publishers and devs are dying to close. Prepare for your consoles to work like iTunes.
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condemmedman  +   1152d ago
Game changing features ???!!!! Yeh right . Just better looking games more like it :-?
Cueil  +   1152d ago
I can hardly wait for next gen...
fourthpersonview  +   1152d ago
How about support from 3rd party developers?
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