Will the XBOX 360 Successor Simply be Named 'XBOX'?

Joel Taveras writes, "If you’re familiar with the going ons at Microsoft, then I’m sure you’ve heard a little something about Windows 8. It’s a new direction for the company and something that Microsoft hopes will bring true convergence to their products and services across every category. The Xbox brand is playing a major role in this company-wide transformation, and I think that a minor (unannounced) update made on their Windows Phone platform today may revel some small yet significant info about the Xbox brand moving forward."

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Relientk772023d ago

There is already an Xbox, it came out in 2001. Isn't that confusing, then theres 2 Xboxes

nrvalleytime2023d ago

Mind blown.

Suggestions for the new console:

Xbox 2x.
Xbox 520 - the middle years
Xbox x Xbox = Xbox squared
Future Xbox
Xbox Now

guitarded772022d ago

It will be XBOX ______ (insert something). Microsoft has too much invested in as far as players being able to access their accounts and make purchases. Also, XBOX is not just a name, it's a brand which they make a lot of money on. They will not take a chance with a billion dollar brand by naming it something stupid.

dalibor2022d ago

I like the sound of Xbox Zeta or Xbox Sonarus. It will be interesting if they stick with Durango but I doubt it.

Nexgensensation2022d ago

Xbox 360
Console X
Micro X
Xube( sounds like Cube )
The new M$ Xrossover!

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TheFinalEpisode2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

No no no that was Xbox, this is XBOX!

MerkinMax2022d ago

So you scream the name? That will definitely be a successful marketing strategy.

ConstipatedGorilla2022d ago

I know you're joking, but I would just call it Xbox. iPad is just iPad again and nobody got confused. It's not like the old Xbox will be on the shelves to confuse customers with.

Summons752023d ago

Xbox 360 U

.....of course I only kid

colonel1792023d ago

My guess is that it will call Xbox 8 to go along Windows 8. If not, it might be called Xbox Play or something like that which unifies MS line up of gadgets.

Definitely not Xbox 3, because of PS4. Even thought I am 100% the next PS won't be called PS4, but PS (something).

Laxman2022d ago

How are you 100% on that?

colonel1792022d ago

Because of the Vita. They could have easily called it PSP 2 and keep the tradition, but they chose not to. The same will happen with the PS4. There is no way they will call it PS4, because of marketing strategy.

Also, if MS names the next Xbox with some number, like Xbox 8, it would make the PS4 "lesser". That's the same reason MS didn't name the Xbox 360, Xbox 2.

Mr Tretton2022d ago

I'm in agreement that game companies are dropping numbers unless they have symbolic quality, in which most don't.

I can see an 'Xbox 8' but using it as the symbol for infinite. Sony will not release a PS4. That's an easy bet. They need to release a catchy name (like 'Wii') where it just becomes that, rather than a PS 'something.' Everyone knows the PS brand. But a catchy hip name will do wonders like it did for Nintendo.

Qrphe2022d ago

Plus the number 4 is Japan's unlucky 13.

EeJLP-2022d ago

There will be a PlayStation 4. The home console brand is plenty strong and well known enough to overcome any 3rd grade "OMG 8's bigger than 4" talk.

You mention the Vita deviating for the traditional naming scheme. And how exactly did that work out for the Vita?

Did Vita work better than PSP2 vs. the 3DS? Nope. It (the Vita) is still being outsold by the PSP and being destroyed sales-wise by the 3DS.

Vita getting destroyed by a 3. Wii beat out two 3s hardware sales-wise. And you draw a solid conclusion that they 'need' to go with a name instead of a number from the real world examples showing both completely opposite ends of the spectrum?

I don't think Sony is dumb enough to not call their next console the PlayStation 4 (PS4).

People want a PS4. They'll be looking and googling for a PS4. Nobody knows what the heck an Orbis is or any other name. They'd have to waste a ton of time and money to get the name recognition that PlayStation 4 already has.

PlayStation 4 makes PS5, PS6, PS7, etc. stronger and stronger in name recognition from the start.

EeJLP-2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

@Japanese superstition of the number 4.

Don't start that lame nonsense again.


Yes, that's Gran Turismo 4, not Gran Turismo Orbis.

Sony model XBA-4 headphones:

They have no issue making 4GB memory cards.
They have no issue having Android 4.0 on their phones.
Or having mp4 music players.

Sony is a 4 letter word. Whoa!!!

VAIO is a 4 letter word.

They sell batteries in packs of 4:

And VHS tapes:

And markers:

Sony VPL-EX4 Projector:

And whatever these 8mm tapes are that look like cassettes maybe:

Walkman WM-4:

Not Metal Gear Solid: Orbis

Twisted Metal 4:

Sony LTO Ultrium 4:

Sony Xperia J with a 4 inch screen, running Android 4.0, releasing Q4 2012:

etc. etc. etc.

End that lame 'Japan is afraid/superstitious of the number 4' argument.

nukeitall2022d ago

My guess is Xbox Infinite makes the most sense, as the marketing can slightly suggest Windows 8, or just 8 before making it horizontal.

Xbox Loop is also a good choice in my opinion.

Xbox Play would sound too much like Google Play and is kind of stupid in my opinion. It is now an entertainment box, not just to "play" games, but who knows what MS plans are.

PinkFunk2022d ago


Ahh. I had a good laugh waking up. Consider the '4' myth debunked today.

Pillsbury12022d ago

You're kidding right. RIGHT?! Why wouldnt it be called ps4??? Of course it is!

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dark-hollow2022d ago

It won't create confusion because nobody knows about the original Xbox.....

ALLWRONG2021d ago

Accept the 24 million who bought it.

24 to 70 million is pretty good.

TENTONGUN2022d ago

yeah but that was 10 years ago and i dont think anyone will confuse it givin the fact that it was discontinued when the 360 released. i dont think nothin is wrong with calling it just xbox

IAMERROR2022d ago

Someone better call Sega! They know how to name a console!

XB1_PS42022d ago

True. Dreamcast is still my favorite name for a system. I mean come on. Dreamcast.. Dreeeeamcast. It just has that certain ring to it.

Irishguy952022d ago

8 = Windows 8

And they can stick it sideways for Infinity/ So Windows 8 and Infinity are thrown together/

Tsar4ever012022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

How about XBOX 8/X-Infinity for it's Windows 8 os it'll be running off of.

Than there's my personal name, the NeXBOX, remove the "T" and the word flows more naturally as one word than if you keep the t, with the T it'll sound like 2 words.

Beastforlifenoob2022d ago

hahah its good if you want to destroy the marketing for that console

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PopRocks3592023d ago

I like Nextbox. No dice there?

nrvalleytime2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

It's too forward thinking. I'm thinking all of my above suggestions need a number so that everyone knows which version I'm buying.

Because the fact that it's new isn't enough.


Knight_Crawler2023d ago

I like Nextbox name too but Rogers beat MS to the name

peowpeow2022d ago

seXbox to accomodate the ability to watch porn

Pillsbury12022d ago

I like XXXbox better. ;)

Griffin48712023d ago

How about not call it a box at all?

NoFanboyRequired2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

If it wasnt xbox, it would be the DirectX-box. That was the original name for it, but they took the "direct" out of there for reasons.

DirectX-box because its based off of the DirectX technology.

Glad they changed it, because that just sounds retarded.

But Xbox Infinity/Infinite do sound like great names.