Zelda Face-Off: Wind Waker VS Twilight Princess

Jack Jacobs: The Legend of Zelda is one of gaming’s most beloved series. As a series whose virtually every installment is widely considered a polished, entertaining, and memorable experience, the debate about which Legend of Zelda title is the best is a difficult one. Usually, most of these debates boil down to the Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, confining the discussion solely to the Nintendo 64 console.

This article seeks to be a little different by looking only at the two main Legend of Zelda games released for the Nintendo GameCube. When one looks at the bigger picture of consoles, the GameCube seems to come up a little short in comparison to its predecessor, the Nintendo 64, and successor, the Wii, and to a less explicit degree to consoles that predate the Nintendo 64. As the GameCube lacked the technological and gameplay breakthroughs of the Nintendo 64, as well as the immersion and mass appeal of the Wii, an amusing question forms. What is the best Legend of Zelda title on what is arguably Nintendo’s weakest console? To reach a conclusion, this article will focus only on the cel-shaded Wind Waker and aptly named swan song for the cubical console, Twilight Princess, in order to determine which game is the better experience. As a side note, be aware that minor spoilers follow.

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