X-Play reviews Conflict: Denied Ops

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• Looks and sounds good
• Variety of mission environments
• Solid co-op play
• Often multiple paths through level segments


• Terrible AI--especially your partner
• Some awful dialogue
• Questionable hit detection and weapon damage
• Firefights can be incredibly frustrating

"Granted, if you're multiplayer centric, the cooperative play will improve your opinion, but good luck finding players online. Conflict Denied Ops might not be awful - it's certainly not as bad as Soldier of Fortune Payback. Unfortunately, even without AI flaws and other problems, there's nothing here to suggest the developers wanted to do anything more than just rip off Rainbow Six, SOCOM, or Ghost Recon. Sadly, Conflict Denied Ops doesn't have anything close to the polish of those games."

Review by: Jason D'Aprile

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BWS19823716d ago

I'll wait for more reviews to base my opinion, this one I was really looking forward to for it's co-op (and of course because it's a shooter). The video makes it look decent...