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Submitted by jjdoyle 1178d ago | news

Michel Ancel very high up on Wii U, talks 'enormous' memory, new Rayman Legends info, BG&E 2 future

"The following information comes from an interview with Ubisoft's Michel Ancel...

- believes Nintendo has a tough job ahead explaining to Wii U
- feels that people need to play it to get it
- for him, Wii U is a core gamer concept
- allows for core gamer concepts to continue existing, but allows devs to build on them
- the decisions this leaves for developers may seem problematic at first, but actually leads to value
- on Rayman Legends, the GamePad player will be able to litteraly dig into the scenery
- finds asymmetric gameplay great", writes GoNintendo. (Industry, Michel Ancel, Wii U)

Shok  +   1178d ago
"- Wii U has an enormous amount of memory"
"- Almost no limitations in terms of memory"

Sounds like Eurogamer was lying again. "Enormous" doesn't sound like 1 gigabyte.

"- can display full HD on the main screen while streaming a different image at 800X480 on the GamePad."
"- this is while keeping a 60 i/s framerate."
"- not a traditional next-gen system in terms of a graphical leap, as Nintendo has chosen a different direction"

So it's moderately powerful but not a huge leap. Pretty much my expectations.
Freak of Nature  +   1178d ago
Wii U is just now joining the current gen....

By next year they will be a generation back once again....

But it's not what they are about. I will be getting one for the Marios, and Zelda game(s)...Hopefully another couple that are exclusive to the Wii U...

BG&E2 has been high on my radar along with The last guardian anything from Oddworld and anything from Media molecule for quite some time now...
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Theyellowflash30  +   1178d ago
All indications point to Launch title Wii U games looking as good as current gen. But when developers tap the full potential of the system I think it will be clear the Wii U is more powerfull than the current gen. That Zelda U tech demo looked better than everything released this gen.
chadboban  +   1178d ago
Tearaway for the Vita is from Media Molecule and it looks terrific. It'll probably push me to get a vita, well that and a price drop. But my 3ds is gonna have me busy in the coming months. Looking forward to Layton, Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, Paper Mario and Epic Mickey.
PopRocks359  +   1178d ago
Because the Dreamcast is considered "last gen" during its time, right?
avengers1978  +   1178d ago
@poprocks and the dreamcast killed sega in terms of the console.... so maybe not the best comparison...
From what I've seen on this site alone, most people are looking at a 200 to 300 dollar price range and thats USD... at 349 euros. thats what 500$ USD looks like they priced themselves to fail.
stragomccloud  +   1178d ago
It's pretty naive to believe that the Wii U will be anything less than a lot more powerful than current gen consoles. As powerful as Microsoft and Sony's next offerings.... probably not. But I don't think that that the gap will be as big as so many people are expecting.
NYC_Gamer  +   1178d ago
Nintendo takes a back seat again hardware wise.Most of us knew Wii-U wouldn't be that huge leap in terms of performance/specs...Wii-U is big for Nintendo fans since they will finally get to play some HD Mario and Zelda....
ozstar  +   1178d ago
The Playstation 3 lost to a consistently failing (hardware) 360 console, and a standard definition "toy/gimmick" (not my words).

Please tell me how taking the back seat on hardware is a negative?

If you're not a PC Gamer, you're doing it wrong
hellvaguy  +   1177d ago
"The Playstation 3 lost to a consistently failing (hardware) 360 console"

By consistantly failing you mean a problem that was corrected 4.5 years ago by an industry unheard of 3 year free replacement warrenty.

Yet many Ps3 owners still today experience a high rate of Blu-ray drive failures and new models arent backward compatible. Point is, no company is perfect. They have thier fatal flaws in different ways.
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attilayavuzer  +   1178d ago
ENORMOUS amounts of memory...nearly mb
Starbucks_Fan  +   1178d ago
trolls be trolling
attilayavuzer  +   1177d ago
Haha I'm just saying, Ancel is talking this up as limitless ram when there's obviously going to be a very distinct limit. Even though rayman isn't the most resource intensive game ever made by a large margin.
luis856  +   1178d ago
actually the wii u does have an enormous amount of ram. nintendo confirmed that the wii u itself has 3 GB of ram plus the GPU its using has 1 GB of ram making wii u have 4 GB of ram. its been said that developers will use 2 GB of ram for their games and 560 MB of ram will be used for the OS so that leaves wii u with 1.5 GB of ram for use so yeah wii u does have a lot of ram
Hoje0308  +   1178d ago
Link or I call bullshit. Nintendo hasn't said anything about specifications other than what kind of processors we can expect without going into detail about clock speeds or memory. Also, your post leads me to believe that you don't really know what you are talking about.
ABizzel1  +   1178d ago
The rumors stat the Wii-U has 1.5GB of RAM (3x current gen), and the dev-kits have 3GB of RAM. Both seem realistic.

So if the rumors are to be believed:

The Wii-U has a Processor similar to the 360, but more powerful

A GPU similar to the 360, but more powerful

And the Wii-U has 3x the RAM of the 360.

Overall Wii-U is a step up from the Xbox 360 with a tablet controller, starring Nintendo's franchises. That's great for Nintendo fans, and about what I expected from the Wii-U.
FlairSomewhere  +   1178d ago
What I've heard is that there is a dedicated amount for the OS, as well.
Also enough ram to dump their convention demos, well,
purely into the ram and forget about the disc.
stragomccloud  +   1178d ago
I think you might be confusing reatil units with SDKs which have more memory for developers to work with.
ajax17  +   1178d ago
Not sure if it can handle BG&E 2.... lol... It's already being snubbed by future games.
LOL_WUT  +   1178d ago
- not a traditional next-gen system in terms of a graphical leap, as Nintendo has chosen a different direction

Pretty much confirms its as powerful if not less than current gen. :)
At least it has lots of memory which is good.
SlavisH2  +   1178d ago
so its basically a ps360 with 1gb of ram! DAMN!
Freakazoid2012  +   1178d ago
" can display full HD on the main screen while streaming a different image at 800X480 on the GamePad
- this is while keeping a 60 i/s framerate"

Sure doesnt sound like it is weaker but of course you only see what you want to see like any pathetic troll. Sounds like it is more powerful than either the PS3 or 360 just using some common sense but seeing as how all you two do is troll out of ignorance most of us understand that common sense is beyond you.
FlairSomewhere  +   1178d ago
I have heard that the Wii U GamePad screen does support HD resolutions, though.
Sounds like this will be mostly when solely being displayed on the screen.
Still, 800x480 on the GamePad at that screen size ain't bad with HD content on the screen.
Plus, these are all LAUNCH titles.
Can't wait to see the year two titles, ya'll.
Theyellowflash30  +   1178d ago
How do you figure it less powerful? when current gen games late in their lifecycle can be made on Wii U at the beggining of its life? Graphics always get better as the system goes on. Are you saying the full potential of the Wii U has been tapped already? I doubt it....
omarzy  +   1178d ago
You do realize that a leap, not matter how huge it is, is still a leap...right?
attilayavuzer  +   1177d ago
Small leap is technically a hop, but yeah, it doesn't really have the same ring to it.
chadboban  +   1178d ago
You do realize that to manufacture parts that are less powerful than a PS3/360 (in other words, bringing back old and outdated parts) will cost even more than getting newer, more powerful parts. From what I understand, it's going to be more powerful than the PS3/360 but not by much and you know what? That's okay. I mostly get Nintendo systems for Nintendo games. If I want cutting edge graphics, I use my PC.
Shok  +   1178d ago
"You do realize that to manufacture parts that are less powerful than a PS3/360 (in other words, bringing back old and outdated parts) will cost even more than getting newer, more powerful parts."

Exactly. Parts that old don't even exist anymore except for the production of PS3 and 360's of course. Nintendo would literally have to REVIVE those parts and order for them to be re-made if they wanted to make the Wii U that weak.
stragomccloud  +   1178d ago
I've been arguing that for months, but people on these forums just don't seem to get that. They're just hoping Nintendo's console to be really underpowered so they can keep trolling. And you know what? Even when the games that start coming out later prove them wrong.... they'll still argue about it, saying that last gen games looked better than the ones coming later in Wii U's life cycle.
chasegarcia  +   1178d ago
lots of memory for me is like over 8gb. for Nintendo is probably 512mb.
iGamerZERO  +   1178d ago
Well the Nintendo show is next Thursday so will know if it worth our time or not , I'll get one cause of I'm a gamer and buy most new devices , Zombi U is a must have title for me
omarzy  +   1178d ago
Consoles do not need anywhere close to 8gb of ram.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1178d ago

Computers support a lot more operations and utilize that Ram for an array of Operating System functions and connected devices.

Gaming machines are waaay more stream lined and have virtually no OS.

Reportedly, Nintendo put Memory on the CPU itself, which makes the chip processes function more efficient.
chasegarcia  +   1178d ago
consoles need lots of memory
that is why the ps3 graphics have no anti aliasing,browser is slow,no cross game chat, updates are slow and downloads do not auto install.
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luis856  +   1178d ago
how are people gonna say that wii u is as powerful or slightly more powerful than the 360 and ps3 ? thats really stupid to say cause the wii u is far more powerful than the 360 and ps3. its been confirmed that wii u is using a custom 40 nm GPU from AMD which means its using either a radeon hd 5000 series GPU or 6000 series GPU cause those are the only 2 GPU's from AMD that is 40 nm process and its using a power 7 variant CPU that has 4 cores running at 3.5 to 3.7 GHz so thats powerful stuff, that makes wii u about 4 times more powerful than the 360 and ps3 so whoever says that wii u is just as powerful as 360 and ps3 or a little bit more dont know what they are talking about
SovereignSnaKe  +   1178d ago
-Oh man, imagine if Nintendo announced Beyond Good and Evil II as a Wii U exclusive!, it would make the Castle Bravo Nuclear test look like a sparkler! ^_^
luis856  +   1178d ago
of course people will disagree with me cause they just want to be idiots and believe that wii u isnt powerful when it is. point blank many developers have confirmed that wii u is far more powerful than both the 360 and ps3 and it can do things graphically that the 360 and ps3 cant do. how ignorant are people to believe that wii u isnt that powerful when its specs clearly shows how much more powerful it is over the 360 and ps3.
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SovereignSnaKe  +   1178d ago
-I usually welcome the disagree's, it's funny to come back an hour later and see how many I have wracked up!, -I guess people like having that power of anonymity for something they would never dare say to you in public.
masa2009  +   1178d ago
Michel Ancel's studio has a game coming up exclusively for the Wii U.
Coincidentally, Michel Ancel has a ton of nice things to say about the Wii U.
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sevenpanda   1178d ago | Spam
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1178d ago
No what these articles don't even matter once the wiiU is released and everyone can see the truth for themselves then they can bash it.
triplev16  +   1178d ago
I'll end up getting all next gen systems regardless of power (although I'm pretty sure the next big leap will come from Sony and Microsoft). The thing that intrigues me about Wii U are HD Nintendo titles and how developers will integrate the controller into their games and make unique experiences. IMO I consider the Wii U my secondary console to complement either the PS4 or 720.
linkratos  +   1177d ago
If half of gamers have 720, the other half PS4, but most everyone has an affordable WU on the side? Sounds like this gen, and would garner the same sales results.
Excited2play  +   1178d ago
I'll buy one if i see great games that i can't get anywhere else, that's the power consoles have over us..

Exclusive content.
3-4-5  +   1178d ago
Basically everything Dev's wish they could do on the xbox360 & PS3 right now....they actually will be able to on the Wii U.

I think MS & Sony will see what kind of games and ideas people will take to, and then market their games towards that.
daniel856  +   1177d ago
these were the official specs that was confirmed last year so anyone who disagrees with luis856 are complete idiots cause everything he was saying about the amount of ram ,GPU and CPU is all true and dont no nothing about what they are talking about. here are the confirmed specs of the wii u from last year. remember these specs are from last year but nintendo updated the specs this year so its far more powerful. anyway this is to shut those idiots up and see that the wii u is a great deal more powerful than the 360 and ps3. the last links shows how AMD explains the kind of GPU the wii u is using and if you compare all the features they confirmed the wii u is indeed using a radeon hd 5000 series GPU or 6000 series GPU so this will shut everyone up who was saying wii u is weak when its not ! enjoy !
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metroid32  +   1177d ago
Ubisoft have confirmed the wiiu has a more powerful E6760 gpu so think Opengl4.1/dx11 and Shader model 5.0 and oompute shader 11 with 32mb of EDRAM shared across the gpu/cpu makes the wiiu at a proper leap in graphics from ps3 ect even pc doesnt have EDRAM ?????????
CaptainPunch  +   1177d ago
I got to play the Wii U and it's actually pretty impressing. Looking forward to the release.
Droid Control  +   1177d ago
A next gen console needs a minimum of 4GB of RAM.
jboy  +   1177d ago
Wii u on day one for me

"Eat it Fanboys"
AO1JMM  +   1177d ago
Same here.

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