Beyond Good and Evil 2 Prototype Gameplay Video Released and Looking Great

Beyond Good and Evil 2 prototype gameplay video available now, and looking amazing.

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ZaWarudo423d ago

Now imagine the scale, but 10x smaller at launch.

naruga423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

ambitious as Fk ....not one a chance they ill release such a gigantic game (with no problems in it)....just wait smthing like Watch DOgs 2 with a monkey protagonist this time

ULTp0ltergeist423d ago

One X will handle it quite well, probably by then PS5.

freshslicepizza421d ago

In other words the game we all wanted from No Mans Sky but never got. Looks impressive.

Septic423d ago

Bro even at 10x smaller ....that engine is INSANE!!!

No way the final product will be like this. I will be shocked

Erik7357423d ago

Might not even be out this generation seeing that there were no platforms announced for it...

RememberThe357423d ago

@erik, my thoughts exactly. There isn't a game the exists right now, in any state, that I want to play more than this. But I'm imagining this game will take some time, Im expecting a dense world at a scale and detail we haven't seen before.

syphon32423d ago

hmmm.. that looked like an xbox controller he was playing with..

Sam Fisher423d ago

Lmfao i read that comment with the shamwow guy 😂

Godmars290423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

Sadly, that is how things tend to go.

Though in this case, hope this is an exception.

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XiNatsuDragnel423d ago

So big wait 12 months folks 😑

bloop423d ago

12 months?? Ha!!! More like 12 years!!!
By what he just showed and talked about, there's no way anything will be able to run a game like that, seamlessly travelling through solar systems, heavily populated planets with unique events happening all the time and also having structured missions and story. I'll eat my underpants if the final game releases in the next 5 years and delivers on everything he just showed and claimed what will be in the final product. I think this is a bit over ambitious.

Outside_ofthe_Box423d ago

I thought they didn't start development yet?

Septic423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

They have. I hope this doesn't take an age in development.

That scale!

Outside_ofthe_Box423d ago

Yeah the scale is huge. Kinda of surprised that they can pull this off on current consoles or at least they're attempting to. Wouldn't be surprise if this gets moved on to next gen. Reminds me of Star Citizen.

-Gespenst-423d ago

I'll admit that this looks pretty cool, but how long is it going to take to develop? Are we going to be waiting another 14 years? And in that time will this vision for the game be scrapped like the last one?

Also, how close to the final game is this? Will they really be able to pull this off? I won't be surprised if they run into serious problems during development that force them to downsize the game.

In a way though, I'm kind of glad that they have a lot more work to do, because it means they have plenty of time to change the edginess of the game and make it more like the original game tonally.

_-EDMIX-_423d ago

Well I'm not really sure especially since I don't even know how long they might have been working on this game.

I mean looking at the footage it's clear they have a significant amount done in regards to concept.

-Gespenst-423d ago

But remember how far along the original BG&E2 seemed - that Jade gameplay video.

If it is far along in development, they should just call it something else and remove all the BG&E references from it or something. At least make it only spiritually related or something. This game really isn't like the original at all by the looks of things.

Null1980423d ago

Yea, they have some really refined assets. But as far as bringing it together as a game, who knows how long? They didn't showcase any city street level stuff. At least they're acknowledging it's a "prototype" and not promising anything as final product.

I understand the hesitation to trust Ubisoft to deliver. I want to believe in this game. Dammit. I want to believe. Comeon Ubisoft, let's do this.

I'm willing to wait for this one if they can deliver.

Apocalypse Shadow423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

The tech in there looks great. Kind of what I wanted in no man's sky. Exploring but having actual places to go. People and cities to see.

Truth be known though, I would have liked to have continued the adventures of Jade and Pey'j. Can't have everything I guess after 15 years. Maybe we'll see a young Pey'j and Jade's mom and dad. And something happens leading to Pey'j looking after Jade when she's born and they lived together until we saw them in the original BG&E. Who knows.

Frinker423d ago

yeah i hope there's story elements from the first game in here. I think showing a pig dude and what appears to be a relative of jade's in the teaser, is indication that there will be a connection plot wise

UCForce423d ago

It's a prequel. Take place before the original game.

Frinker423d ago

I know, but there can still be a connection,as in showing us Jade's parents in their prime, as well as a young Pey'j and how he became close to Jade's family before her birth