Beyond Good & Evil 2 Sounds Ambitious, But Not The Sequel I Imagined

Michel Ancel and Ubisoft's vision for Beyond Good & Evil 2 is exciting but confusing.

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CrimsonWing69155d ago

How's it confusing?

They have an open world single player game that's extremely narrative driven (I mean you work in games' media, are you unaware that Ubisoft mostly makes open world games?) and it has a multiplayer aspect of the game.

I mean when GTA V announced mp was it difficult for you to understand? Like I'm not trying to be facetious, but was that literally confusing for you to understand as well?

If it was then by all means I can see how you don't understand what kind of game they're making.

Princess_Pilfer155d ago

It's confusing because it's nothing like the original game, not because they actually don't understand the concepts.