Forget Duke Nukem, THIS is the longest-delayed sequel ever

GamesRadar - Think Duke Nukem Forever was a long time coming? Or that the newly (sort of) announced Earthworm Jim 4 was trailing hard behind its predecessor? Forget them both. An upcoming game that you almost certainly know about is actually a sequel coming 26 years after the last game in its series. In fact it's coming so late that you probably didn't even know it was a sequel at all.

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Shok2339d ago

Ha, that's pretty neat.

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WildArmed2339d ago

It's not really delayed considering it was never announced.

Duke Nukem Forever on the otherhand was announced and delayed multiple times.

There is a difference.

BinaryMind2338d ago

I don't see anywhere in the article that confirms the sequel actually started development 26 years ago. All it does is confirm that it is part of the same franchise.

Completely sensationalist article and plain bad journalism.

StraightPath2338d ago

The thing is that...they so called rehased franchises claimed by idiotic fanboys..are the highest rated games this generation and previous ones..

Zelda comes out with master piece after master piece

Mario comes out with master piece after master piece

can someone tell me why rehashed Mario galaxy 1 & 2 is the highest rated EXCLUSIVE this whole generation...hmmmm rehased much?

no u have no ideas how powerful nintendo core games are. Nintendo are the best developer for developing thier first party games that the quality is unrivaled.

heck with the mario spin offs are instant classics such as

mario kart
mario party
super smash bros

ShinMaster2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

Except there has only been 3 Smash Bros games.
Same can't be said about Party and Kart.... they're the same thing every time I play them.

Other than that, no one's saying they are all rehashes, because obviously Galaxy 1 and 2 are different than the rest.
People are only saying that they're the same OLD IPs (which is true) and Nintendo hasn't produced many new ones in a long time.

Shigeru Miyamoto himself said he wants Nintendo to have new IPs.
^Google that.

P.S. rehashes can still score pretty high and sell millions [see: COD series]. It just depends on how big the name is.

Jirachi2339d ago

So zombi u is zombi 2? cool just like how wii u is wii 2,lol

SilentNegotiator2338d ago

Nintendo accidentally leaked some sorta encryption!


sjaakiejj2339d ago

So being a sequel to a game that released 26 years ago means that it's been in development for 26 years? Unlikely..

Lord_Sloth2339d ago

That's just when the last entry was. Duke Nukem Forever was actually in the works for 12 years and kept hitting snags. Earthworm Jim just ceased for a while.

omarzy2339d ago

WOW. Kid Icarus:uprising is also 26 years after the original.

TXIDarkAvenger2338d ago

That being said, I don't think either of the games have been in development for so long.

omarzy2338d ago

not at all. Prject sora which is the studio built to make kid icarus started in 2009 then they closed it after the game was done.

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The story is too old to be commented.