Message for Nintendo: It's Not Too Late

"Over the past year or so, Nintendo has fallen victim to massive amounts of scrutiny from the hardcore fan base. Since the E3 announcement of the WiiU back in 2012, critics and fans worldwide have been puzzled by Nintendo’s business practices and decisions. From the light weight launch lineup, to the restriction of user generated videos from WiiU exclusives, it seems Nintendo has lost sight of what made it a staple of living room entertainment. So what is the problem Nintendo?"

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Benjaminkno1528d ago

I can agree with some of those.

3D Land not being online was a misstep I think. Why wouldn't you have the first 3D Mario multiplayer to be online? That's just stupid.

More Ip's would be nice, but I'd rather them come out with good games I have to wait for.

The trophy system is lame IMO, if only because it would take all of the fun out of Smash Brothers which utilized the concept correctly and actually give you something to admire. Otherwise I'm not interested.

This just sounds like a bitchy gamer.
Let Nintendo do it's thing even if they make some mistakes on the way. They will deliver. Somehow they always do.

N4g_null1528d ago

The same tired arguments. The same tired suggestions.

Just the facts... Preorder crazys happened! Then sales dropped off. Nintendo has to learn to use standard shaders. It's not as easy as it sounds lol. So major games are late. Third party is focused on the next hype machine, they need that to sell not game play.

Now we all know even a price drop can not save your console if you don't have games.. See dreamcast, Saturn, pspgo, c64 reboot, Atari jag, lynx, ws handheld. Price is only a barrier to people who buy into the hype or simply don't have a list of games they want or they simply don't have the funds. Price drops are great but isn't that why Sony is struggling money wise?

Case and point the 3ds xl or LL cost more and they sell better than the old 3ds. So there goes that argument.

Achievements are for boring games. Games that end up being traded in. For some reason this does not happen to Nintendo games?

True online would be fun yet have you been online? These gamers suck online. I'd rather opt for local mp so I don't have to hear unrealistically ridiculous hate verbally because you suck. I don't enjoy hearing that.

If its not games then I don't want it. If its not about playing games I don't want it. Every thing else is a gimmick.

jcnba281528d ago

All they have to do is bring the games! 3DS had no games when it was first released then a year later BAM! Now it's the best selling system this year.

majiebeast1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Yeah that certainly had nothing to do with the 33% pricecut...

What Nintendo needs to do is get third party onboard otherwise a repeat of the Gamecube or worse is very likely.

Meanwhile Iwata is sitting on his ass and doing nothing and thinks Pikmin 3,DKCR2 and Zelda WW HD will make these things fly off the shelve. But if NSMBU cant sell consoles i doubt any of the 3 i just listed can. Their best chance is MK8 but its coming out too late.

Right now the WiiU is tracking behind Gamecube and Dreamcast.

Prime_281528d ago

You say that like it was a bad decision...

N4g_null1528d ago

The 3ds xl raised the price... So did the circle pad attachment. Yet it still sells. You sort of have to be a gamer to understand gamers you know? It is about games really. Nintendo was desperate with the 3ds they aren't with the wiiu. They simply need wifi fit u, a wii sports and mk8, and the long list of 10 million selling games they have and bam people will buy it. Quality games period. You may not like it but they love it sorry.

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No_Pantaloons1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

I think it is. They've completely blown their head start, and will be going against some impressive competition by the end of the year. The titles they're banking on to revive them are by all accounts not arriving till ~april of 2014, some like zelda not till holidays 2014. By the time they gain any real traction sony and M$ should be utilizing their far more powerful tech, I'm not sure N will even be able to get ports of 3rd party games, and if they can it'll be seen as the weakest version.

dunhamgaming1528d ago

All of the focus of Nintendo has been on the "failure" of the Wii U. Yes it may not have sold well, but the company has two consoles it is selling right now. The 3DS has remained the top selling console for quite a while now. I do not see how Nintendo needs to worry about the Wii U when, even with the price cut, the 3DS is outselling Sony and Microsoft.

Rchillis1528d ago

That's true, but just because they are succeeding in the handheld market, doesn't mean they need to just flop on the home units. They can be a factor in both. They don't need to let WiiU die, they can help revive it.

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