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Review: Darkest Dungeon | The Toledo Blade

1d ago - The Blade's Will Harrison: Slashing claws, putrid bites, and swinging swords are common dangers i... | PC

Darkest Dungeon Review | Gamespot

1d 4h ago - Gamespot: Darkest Dungeon plays the long game. It builds you up for a grand bout that will test... | PC

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Darkest Dungeon - Enjoyment in the Struggle

2d ago - Tatiana of Gaming Rebellion writes a review of indie hit Darkest Dungeon that looks at how the di... | PC

Darkest Dungeon Review | GodisaGeek

3d ago - PJ O'Reilly: "All of this madness, terror, and death is presented beautifully through stylish gra... | PC

Darkest Dungeon PC review - Breathing fresh air into a classic genre - TGG

5d ago - In Darkest Dungeon, you’re looking to salvage a town ravaged by the evils unleashed by the mistak... | PC

Darkest Dungeon: "There Can Be No Bravery Without Madness!" - Broken Joysticks

6d ago - Darkest Dungeon is the birth child of indie game developers Chris Bourassa and Tyler Sigman with... | Darkest Dungeon

How Darkest Dungeon Stayed True to Its Kickstarter Promises - Cliqist

6d ago - Georgi Trenev writes: "However, if you’ve come for a review I’m afraid this is the wrong place. I... | PC

Darkest Dungeon Review | The Game Bolt

7d ago - Dylan from The Game Bolt: "Studio Red Hook really out did themselves with their indie hit, Darkes... | PC

Gaming Therapy: Navigating the Darkest Dungeon of my psyche

7d ago - Self improvement through video games: they aren’t just entertainment after all. | Culture

Darkest Dungeon Review | NoobFeed

9d ago - A gripping, unforgiving, complex dungeon crawler that translates lovecraftian themes excellently... | PC

Darkest Dungeon Review | GameCloud

10d ago - Patrick Waring at GameCloud writes: "I knew Darkest Dungeon was hard going into the review; it... | PC

Darkest Dungeon review – a captivating RPG for the determined ones | Gamepressure

10d ago - The most demanding game of the recent months is here. Darkest Dungeon is a hardcore RPG that you... | PC

Arson Welles Division

11d ago - Are graphics starting to flatline with this generation? Is Darkest Dungeon worth picking up? Arso... | PC

Darkest Dungeon review – stressed to hell | Metro

11d ago - Bloodborne has a new rival in terms of ultra difficult Lovecraft-inspired horror games, in this g... | PC

January’s Best Game: Darkest Dungeon

11d ago - writes: ''January 2016 is coming to close…which feels shockingly quick. This m... | PC

Keith Stuart on: horror, madness and control

12d ago - There is a famous phrase, often attributed to the Greek dramatist Euripides but likely much older... | Dead Space

Darkest Dungeon Review - IGN

13d ago - It's also the deepest, most punishing, and tense dungeon. | Darkest Dungeon

PlayStation 4 and Vita Owners Should Be Excited For Darkest Dungeon

14d ago - writes: ''Darkest Dungeon has been slaughtering PC players by the masses for s... | PC

Indie Update: Knuckle Sandwich, Darkest Dungeon, and Oxenfree

15d ago - GameCrate: "On this edition of Indie Update, we'll scope out a few cool-looking multiplatform dow... | PC

Darkest Dungeon Review {Critically Sane}

15d ago - Critically Sane "It’s entirely possible that by the time you’re reading this, you’ve already play... | PC

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Darkest Dungeon Review - The Jimquisition

16d ago - Jim Sterling writes - Being a heartless scumbag isn’t particularly pleasant, but if Darkest Dunge... | PC

Six Tips to Help You Survive the Darkest Dungeon

16d ago - OnlySP: If you’re like me, you’ve gotten completely enthralled by the bleak, dismal world of the... | PC

Darkest Dungeon Review | Game Rant

18d ago - Game Rant: A Kickstarter campaign from two years ago has led to the long-awaited release of Da... | PC

Review: Darkest Dungeon (DarkZero)

19d ago - Tommy Daniels: "“Quests will fail or must be abandoned. Heroes will die. And when they die, they... | PC

Darkest Dungeon Review | VGU

21d ago - Sam Foxall from VGU writes: 'Gothic horror had quite the calendar year in 2015 with Bloodborne, S... | PC
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Darkest Dungeon

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