Interview: Turning Point Lead Developer talks Xbox 360 and PS3 Differences had the opportunity to talk to Dean Martinetti about the upcoming Turning Point Fall of Liberty title. Dean reveals some key details regarding development for the PS3 and Xbox 360. One nugget from the article is that developers have not even come close to tapping 2% of the power that the PS3 has.

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cain1413854d ago

Yeah I can't wait to see the potential of these consoles being tapped.

JsonHenry3854d ago

Lol, only 2%?! Bwuahahahahahahahaha!! Right now all other devs are laughing at him for making such a stupid statement. The damn OS in the PS3 uses more than 2%!!

This guy has lost all credibility in my eyes.

Jandre023854d ago

Our local n4g Cell programming expert, Json Henry.

Please go on Json, remember to explain that you know all of this because past experience programming for the Cell.

TheXgamerLive3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

That's exactly what I was thinking Jason, the OS and so on uses a hell of a lot more than 2% just to power up and maintain AC occurance.

I mean neither the Xbox 360 and it's 3 cores and dual threads nor the ps3's feautured cell is close to being tapped, in fact they both may never be.

This moron is well, just a moron. It's kissing ass that he's doing to maybe get a little publicity, but of course sony wannabe fan boys will say otherwise, so go ahead Ladies, spit or swallow.

DrDreadlox3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

He said that his engineer told him that they had tapped 2%, and i think thats referring to their game only. And that's just opinion because i thought that such a thing couldnt be measured as such.

The title is misleading so don't blame the guy if you didn't read the article.

@XGamer: Interesting point about how neither the xbox or ps3 may ever be fully tapped
I think that just might be the case if devs don't step up their game. Right now software is the weak link in most tech. Just lool at PCs, there is quad cores, ddr3, new gfx cards and almost nothing to that takes advantage of them.

If this trend continues, we might see this gen last longer that was anticipated (not necessarily a bad thing) because better hardware won't translate to better games.

Foliage3854d ago

"The 360 was our lead SKU, we ported everything over to the PS3."

All of a sudden 2% seems about right, doesn't it?

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wizerd3854d ago

only 2 percent jesus uncharted was 2 percent ong what would 100 percent look like or even 50 percent amazing

AngryHippo3854d ago

That is quite a claim. In that case i can't wait to see how amazing games 'should' look in the next few years on the ps3. I wonder how much of the 360's power they are using?!i know some idiot is going to say 'close to, if not all of it',lol, but i know as well as everyone else that that is not the case. 2%, either the PS3 is a piece of technology that is too powerful for this planet or the developer isn't really that good at getting anything from it. The other theory, this is my view anyway, is that they don't have the funding to get the potential out of. Only first party, PS3 exclusive titles will harness the PS3's power, and if this developers claiming only 2%, then the exclusives with a ridiculously big budget better blow me away.

Relin3854d ago

I really doubt the 360 is anywhere near tapped, but after so long of people ripping apart the PS3 for being substandard against the 360, people are gonna backlash a bit.

SWORDF1SH3854d ago

i think the xbox is close to being tapped. its easier to develop games for and its been out for over 2 years. i mean no developers are gonna get 100%. the ps2 only managed to be 90% tapped to date. but i would expect the 360 to go any much better than cod4. the ps3 will continue to develop for years to come just because of the harder to programme nature of the ps brand. a developer of rachet and clank as said that theie already gorgeous game will see the same leap in quality from the first generation ps3 rachet to the second generation ps3 rachet rachet as you see from the ps2 rachet to the first generation ps3 rachet, if that makes sense. and its not jus graphics. resistance 2 is pushing the envelope with 60 player online play. il be amazed if i see that on xbox. the signs are there. but is any third party games willing to tap the ps3 or are they gonna always keep the quality of games on the same level as the 360. btw the 2% thing is jus stupid. i kno the ps3 is powerfull but it aint a super computer (unless you link 20 together lol).

Relin3854d ago

This title has lots of it, I hope it catches on with the mainstream. Too bad the guy couldn't give out any info on their next project... stupid NDAs.

hunter213854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

yeah what more the ps3 exclusive games,... developers only focus on one console so they got the potential to create a great quality games, cause they got all the time on it. like the MGS, FF13....ect.

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