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Toybox Turbos - Totally not a Micro Machines remake, but still fun | Madnight GamesTech

28d ago - Matt checks out the new totally not a remake of Micro Machines game from Codemasters, Toybox Turbos. | PC

Avoid F1 2014 Like The Plague

57d ago - F1 2014 is something you should avoid like the plague especially for PC. Im based in Europe and w... | PC

Check out the first on-board F1 2014 footage

82d ago - The first in-race footage of F1 2014 is now available to watch (above), courtesy of Codemasters a... | PC

Codemasters forced to give refunds for Colin McRae Rally on Steam

133d ago - This article is about the recent announcement that Codemasters is forced to give refunds to fans... | PC

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Green Man Gaming Launches Two 4.99$ Games Bundles

144d ago - Green Man Gaming are yet again offering more than just a sale with a breadth of bundles to take y... | PC

GRID Autosport Will Be Pushing PS3/360 Boundaries

224d ago - Lead Designer James Nicholls explains that Codemasters is really pushing the old hardware over it... | PC

GRID Autosport Preview Interview With Codemasters

237d ago - Codemasters has teamed up with Bandai Namco Games to unleash their latest GRID racing game. GRID... | PC

TeamVVV Weekly Racing Video Game News Videocast: Trial and Error

239d ago - VVV: "In this week's news round-up, we celebrate the launch of Trials Fusion, RedLynx... | PC

Codemasters announcing new racing game next Tuesday

244d ago - It looks like Codemasters are finally going to let us in on what they have been working on lately. | Industry

Codemasters developing 'exciting new IP for digital & console platforms'

246d ago - Codemasters is developing an "exciting new IP for digital and console platforms", according to va... | PC

Codemasters teasing imminent announcement

250d ago - Codemasters appears to be on the verge of announcing a new game, judging by comments made by its... | PC

Gamefly Sale Has Codemasters Games Between 60% And 75% Discount

252d ago - GG3 reports on the latest game deals on the net. Gamefly is back with some pretty decent sales. T... | PC

Codemasters RaceNet reaches 1 Million Users

270d ago - onPause writes: RaceNet has now reached 1 Million Users, which is about the 8 times as many pe... | PC

Namco Bandai Prolongs Codemasters Distribution, Extends To Digital, But Not Steam

274d ago - GG3 writes: "Publisher Namco Bandai Games has announced that it will prolong its contract with de... | Industry

BTTC champion teases two upcoming Codemasters racing games - TOCA reboot imminent?

298d ago - VVV: "The Birmingham-born racing driver also confirmed he'd been "helping [Codemasters with] tuni... | PC

More evidence pointing to GRID 3 surfaces

298d ago - It appears as though Codemasters is almost certainly working on GRID 3. The latest evidence co... | Industry

Popular Mechanics for Gamers

309d ago - PlayMagazine writes: "With the curtain soon set to fall on this generation, it’s time to take sto... | Industry

Codemasters Humble Bundle just broke 1 MM Dollars

316d ago - onPause writes: Just a few days ago Codemasters had started their Weekly Humble Bundle Sale wi... | PC

Codemasters to add McLaren Racing Pack to Grid 2 Reloaded "as soon as possible

324d ago - VVV: Codemasters Racing has assured the McLaren Racing Pack will be added to the recently-release... | PC

Codemasters has released a new racing game - but it's probably not what you were expecting...

338d ago - VVV: "Codemasters Racing has soft-launched its all-new mobile driving game, 'Drive USA', on the S... | iPhone

Get paid to review products

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Codemasters developing multiple rally titles for 2014?

345d ago - Codemasters may have multiple rally titles in the works for 2014, judging by a tweet from the fir... | PC

Codemasters forums shut down

385d ago - Codemasters has been forced to take its forums offline after the contract with its forum supplier... | PC

Codemasters inviting players to test unannounced racer

408d ago - Codemasters is inviting gamers to take a "super-secret early game" for a test drive before it's e... | PC

F1 2013 Review | iLLGaming

422d ago - Formula One (F1) is the pinnacle of motorsport and the only thing more exciting than watching F1... | PC

Codemasters is "cooking a storm" for next gen F1 2014

447d ago - Two members of Codemasters hint at big improvements for next year's F1 2014 on next generation co... | PC
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