Fox Gives EA the Brush-off; EA 'Going to Fight Back'

EA's Jeff Brown has told GameDaily BIZ that his company will continue to stand up for its creative teams and the games they make. He says, "We're going to fight back."

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Farsendor13771d ago

ea finally does something right good for ea

Lacarious3771d ago

Only reason they are doing whatever it is they are doing is because they want peeps to think they are behind the brilliance that is Mass Effect. It's just yet another publicity stunt done by a company that values superficial BS moreso than creating great gaming experiences.

DeadlyFire3771d ago

I Never liked EA, but this makes me respect them more.

Fototherapist3771d ago

For your right...for boobies! Gotta love Mass Effect's barely visible boob and butt shots. Personally, I made several visits to that club for the "personal" dances. Hot! Too hot for Xbox! Woo Hoo, yeah baby. Take it off!!!

SmokeyMcBear3771d ago

you all know what this is right.. just free publicity for mass effect.. expect sales to jump a bit in the coming weeks.

actas1233771d ago

U are definitely right. I think Fox and Ea (two crappy companies) are actually together on this.. Ea is learning from GTAs publicity that was mainly due to this kinda of news..

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The story is too old to be commented.