Unreal Engine 4 games could be ported to Wii U - Epic

Epic Games doesn't intend "to bring Unreal Engine 4 to Wii U," the firm's vice-president Mark Rein has stated, but the engine could run on Nintendo's upcoming console "if a customer decides they want to port an Unreal Engine 4 game" to the hardware.

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VanillaBear2168d ago

If you made a game for the PC, Nextbox and PS4 which was praised for the use of the UE4 engine and it's graphics why would people then want a dumbed down port for the Wii U when they could get a PC, PS4, Nextbox and play the game to it's full potential.

I'd very confident the Nextbox and PS4 will support the UE4 because theres no way after how much the UE3 is used this gen by developers Epic would miss out next gen all together.

PopRocks3592167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

So first it was that you insisted Wii U didn't support the engine at all and now the issue is "dumbed down ports."

You thrive off of bottom feeding, don't you. You can't even be bothered to admit that you were wrong about whether or not Wii U could even run the engine.

WeskerChildReborned2167d ago

Right now, no one even knows if it can or if it will run the engine. It's like what is being said about the Wii U how some devs praise it and how others say otherwise.

Sono4212167d ago

Wait whats wrong with UE3 in the first place?

Also Epic themselves said:

"Rein added that the firm's GDC 2011 Samaritan demo, which showed a cyberpunk peacekeeper battling thugs in a gritty city street, "was a demo to show what we think the consoles should... what we would like the next gen consoles to be able to do."

So.... they expect next gen consoles to do what the UE3 does.. what makes you bring up UE4 in the first place? Especially on unannounced consoles? Seems like epic is expecting all next gen consoles to run UE3 that includes your "Nextbox and PS4". Also just read this:

"Epic Games' vice-president Mark Rein has confirmed that the company has been in talks with Sony and Microsoft to help "shape" the next-generation of consoles"

hm.. and they expect them to use UE3.. maybe they know what they're talking about?

mike1up2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

Do you read the articles, skim through them, or just make things up?

--- Epic Games' senior PR manager Dana Cowley added that, "beyond the PC, we haven't confirmed any other platforms for Unreal Engine 4."

PS4 and Nextbox aren't confirmed to run UE4 either! UE4 wasn't made "supremely scalable" just because of Nintendo. Smart phones, and you're precious PS4/Nextbox will probably be using the same downscaled versions.

Machioto2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

@mr mike this does not confirm any thing about the ps4 or nextbox because if epic is not making a game for those systems I doubt they would know the specs.

@wesker the rumored gpu of the wiiu is a custom radeon e6760 whick is a under clocked radeon 6670.

@sider I assuming with all devs but one of guys developing resistance ps vista was given a reference sample of the vita before it came out to make the game if the retail vita is either weaker or stronger than the sample then they can't optimize for it.

@mike as tech advances you get better performance and efficiency for what ever purchase prior the hardware being released.

ChickeyCantor2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

"if epic is not making a game for those systems I doubt they would know the specs. "

Completely irrelevant.

It's hardware, they take the specs and optimize their engine to it. It's scalable for a reason. You don't need to make a game for it in order to build a SDK for it. They have every right to buy a Nintendo license. And it's only good business sense for both of them.

mike1up2167d ago


True, and fair enough, I have no idea what the specs are. I do, however, think that a downscaled UE4 is the most logical course of action... unless you want to spend $800 -$1,000 on a console?

Machioto2167d ago

@ sidar I mean they can't properly optimize for it because they don't know the exact specs.

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Jadedz2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

Both the Xbox 360 and PS3, got "dumb downed ports", compared to its PC brethren.

You're being extremely bias.

Axonometri2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

It's funny though isn't it. I'm sitting behind a core 2 duo 8800gtx 2 GB PC terms "dinosaur," and I still prefer to play titles on it because it simply does things way beyond what all 3 consoles in the other room can do...visually and more.

It is no wonder that Epic is calling for massive leap in hardware from platform manufactures.

joab7772167d ago

Absolutely. To be honest, I am more worried everyday that consoles will b frightened to go to big because of the pricepoint. It has to have the capability to use luminous and UE4...mandatory.No one ever writes about the fact that there is a way to release a console for a good price but guarantee that it is able to keep up and even push technology. Make it upgradeable. Microsoft's memo mentions scalable but I am not sure if it means hardware. Wouldn't Microsoft love to new able to sell memory or graphics cards. It would new finite but it could compare to low, medium and high settings on a pc. Or sell different models. People buy Xbox or ps for different reasons hence the size of the harddrive. It seems simple and it won't make the generation love forever but will make it much better and more lucrative.

metroid322167d ago

Now he didnt say dubbed down ports he said the wiiu can handle it in other words i'll tell you something a Ubisoft employee has already ported the UE4 to the WiiU ?? your a bit behind on the news arnt you.

JBSleek2167d ago

Why would someone port a game to another console to try to increase their sales. I know what is everyone thinking right. How dare they send a popular game to more gamers. /s

taquito2167d ago


epic does it on the port from pc to 360/ps3 all the time, gears of war 1 on pc looks a full generation beyond gears 3, they had to "dumb down" the ue3 engine like crazy to get it to run on consoles.

batman ac on pc, dude, it looks amazing, on consoles it looks good, but it was certainly "dumbed down"

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Axonometri2167d ago

Epic's UDK is scalable. They have built in tools to scale back for other devices right within their engine. I think they are just choosing not to add those tools for the Wii U and leaving that possibility to a client who wishes to do so.

Epic are smart and Wii U, like it or not, is Gap-Gen in terms of hardware. Nintendo, by self proclamation, are not interested in pushing hardware boundaries but prefer to push unique game play ideas. Epic on the other hand has always been pushing the tech to the edge. That is what they are and do.

metroid322167d ago

Look its a true next gen console

Compute shader 11
Shader model 5.0
OpenGl 4.1
32MB Edram
2 gig of ram

this is next gen compared to ps3/360 and if you wait 5 years obviously you can get a more powerful console as you just skipped an entire generation the next WiiU will be out a few years later HOW STUPID.

And there is a CE3 game being made now as we speak for WiiU cryteks words and its looking very special ? Goolgle it.

Axonometri2167d ago

Show me the official statement from Nintendo with those specs in the document

bobshi2167d ago

I'm surprised this has a lot of disagrees compared to agrees.

This is one of the few true comments on here.

As you say the UDK is fully scalable - it supports mobile devices for example.

There is no reason why the Wii U could not therefore be able to run UE4 in terms of the technical limitations it provides, but weather or not Epic provide the in-built tools to do it is another matter.

metroid322165d ago

Well UE4 is now confirmed to run on WiiU Mark reins words and they havnt got anything for yhe wiiu from epic but other partners can use UE4 on wiiu if they want sothere UE4 can run on wiiu maybe just in 720p/60fps so thats cleared up then ?

I would much prefer a True HD console this year that supports CE3 to the MAX and can handle UE4 to a good level than wait 3 years just so i can play the same wiiu games at 1080p ?? who cares,Microsoft/Sony are almost skipping a generation for more power means they have neen beaten by Nintendo from the OFF no one speaks about that way of looking at it do they ????

Skateboard2167d ago

I don't mean to be negative, but i hate the Unreal Engine. It looks so bulky and fake. Of course Wii U is next gen it's coming out 2012 am i right ? don't listen to the trolls Nintendo fans.

Shok2167d ago

^A wielder of common sense?

corrus2167d ago

PS4 Orbis

Recent AMD chip rumors may be true after all, as this new rumor says that the PlayStation 4 Orbis will use an AMD x64 CPU and an AMD Southern Islands GPU capable of resolutions that go far beyond that of which current HDTVs are capable of displaying (4096x2160). And where the PS3 is stuck playing 3D games at 720p, Orbis can easily output full 1080p 3D games. Of course, this early on, these specification details can change dramatically.

XBOX720 Dorango

final hardware in appearance, however, initial specifications are representative of the console set to ship in late 2013. Sources close to Xbox World magazine have revealed that Durango’s devkit features a “monster” 16-core IBM PowerPC CPU, a GPU comparable to AMD’s Radeon HD 7000-series graphics cards, and a Blu-Ray optical drive.

mike1up2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

Wow... awesome spec rumors! Do you read them in the bathroom? I guess you win the argument because those rumors are so awesome!

While you're at it, what are the WiiU spec rumors? Let me guess, bad right?

... lame troll. That has nothing to do with this article at all!

yabhero2167d ago

If there is any mainstream consumer electronics that have a 16 core processor in them i will sell 3 of my favorties game sof all time...

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

This article explains some of the cold-nature that Crytech and EPIC share toward NINTENDO.

It's just Business, you know, "Love your money/ hate your politics."

I am sure, Square/Enix will support Wii U with their new Engine too.

But like I said... LoZ:SS Gameplay, would EASILY make me not care about any of them.

This Article too:

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