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Wildstar's Big Plans For 2015

10d ago - Wildstar: Heyas Everybody, As you all know, 2014 is done for and it’s onto 2015 (insert hac... | PC

Wildstar dev discusses plans for 2015

11d ago - Have you played Wildstar Online? You should have done; it's one of the best MMORPGs released in r... | PC

Why Gamers Don’t Want Another MMO

23d ago - If you’ve ever played an MMO you probably have a good grasp of just how big of a development proj... | Industry

Wildstar: Carbine Reveals Winterfest Contests, 1st 2015 Update Details

40d ago - Carbine is holding three contests, with actual physical prize packages waiting for the winners. | PC

See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

This is what you can expect from Wildstar in 2015

41d ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "Will Wildstar's 2015 updates change the fate of the game? Here is what you... | PC

WildStar Lore Past & Future with Chad "Pappy" Moore

48d ago - Lore Hound writes: "It’s not every day that the creative director of a AAA studios is made availa... | PC

Best gifts for the PC Master Race

62d ago - GameZone: "Happy holidays PC Master Race! As always, it's been another exciting year of PC gaming... | PC

Was WildStar Doomed Before it Launched?

68d ago - WildStar has had a tough time of it since the mmorpg launched just a few short months ago. This i... | PC

WildStar Releases New Content Update

76d ago - Carbine Entertainment releases its new content update for WildStar. Mystery of the Genesis Prime... | PC

The Mystery of the Genesis Prime descends upon WildStar next week

82d ago - Carbine studios has confirmed the release date for WildStar's next slice of PvE content. | PC

Carbine unveils WildStar’s Mystery of the Genesis Prime

83d ago - Having put their monthly content drops on a brief hiatus to implement a number of wide-reaching c... | PC

The Nexus Times: So Long WildStar

84d ago - As you can probably assume from the title, this is going to be the last rendition of The Nexus Ti... | PC

Wildstar Developer Carbine Studios Receiving Bad Glassdoor Reviews

86d ago - If these Glassdoor reviews of Carbine from former employees ring true, Wildstar is being compromi... | PC

Carbine Studios Address Dwindling PvP Population With WildStar Server Transfers

89d ago - Carbine Studios today announced that server transfers will once again be available following feed... | PC

The Nexus Times: WildStar World PvP is Dead

90d ago - Excerpt: "This declaration isn’t necessarily a surprise to many of you, considering the dwindling... | PC

WildStar review - Eurogamer

91d ago - Eurogamer: "With Blizzard halting work on Titan and CCP putting a stake through eight years of W... | PC

Is WildStar Doomed? - Game Buzz #94

93d ago - Dealspwn writes: This week, we talk about Carbine's staff layoffs and whether or not WildStar can... | PC

NCSoft layoffs claim 60 from WildStar dev

95d ago - Eurogamer: "There have been layoffs across Western NCSoft studios, the company has revealed, but... | PC

NCSoft Losing Faith In WildStar Already While Guild Wars 2 Remains Strong

95d ago - The Western operations of award-winning MMO developers NCSoft suffered a serious setback today fo... | PC

The Nexus Times: Friendship is Magic

97d ago - During the writer's time in WildStar, he had joined a handful of guilds and have met some amazing... | PC

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

WildStar Adds New Lore

97d ago - Last month Carbine, the developer of WildStar, ran a forum event it called Loremageddon. The Wild... | PC

The Nexus Times: How Carbine Stole Christmas

103d ago - Nick Shively writes: "This year it turns out Carbine is going to be the Grinch. Earlier this mont... | PC

Megaserver Technology Arriving In WildStar

106d ago - Carbine Studios today announced that October 15th will see the highly anticipated megaserver tech... | PC

WildStar Addresses Fans in State of the Game Letter

108d ago - Carbine, the developers of WildStar, have just released part two of their “State of the Game” ann... | PC

Wildstar: Carbine discusses new content, lore, features and improvements

109d ago - "According to Carbine, this will be the biggest Wildstar update to date and will feature the next... | PC
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