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Hi-Rez Studios Hiring a New Level Designer

80d ago - Are you looking for a job in the industry? Hi-Rez Studios might make you an offer you can't refuse. | Industry

SMITE NA Championship: The Business of Hi-Rez Studios

150d ago - Lore Hound writes: "The business of a gaming website, hobby, professional, whatever, is fairly st... | PC

Help Myriad get through Steam Greenlight!

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play, where you build and then destroy the game space in glorious chain rea... | Promoted post

6 Free Shooters For Broke Gamers

159d ago - Sometimes you just don't have enough money to buy a new game. Luckily the industry has changed a... | PC

Top Five MMO Shooters

193d ago - While playing standard mmo games can be rewarding when you reach a pinnacle in crafting or comple... | PC

Game Music Daily Week 14

375d ago - We inch closer to 100 as Front Towards Gamer's staff ups the ante again with another week great p... | PC

The 30 Most Addictive Free-to-Play Games

443d ago - Let's face it, games are expensive prospects, especially if you're only going to play them for a... | PC

Best free to play PC games

476d ago - VideoGames.Net.In show you some of the best free to play games out there.They are not 100 % but... | PC

Tribes: Ascend Community Develops and Releases SDK

498d ago - Tribes: Ascend community puts together SDK after developer Hi-Rez Studios ceases development. | PC

Tribes: Ascend is “too difficult” for Consoles

590d ago - Speaking on Reddit, Erez, Hi-Rez’s co-founder, spoke about a potential port for Tribes: Ascend to... | PC

Hi-Rez CEO lost $30 millon on 'Tribes: Ascend' and 'Global Agenda'

590d ago - XMNR: In an odd bit of candor, Hi-Rez Studios CEO and founder Erez Goren discussed the developer'... | PC

Out of Continues Ep 88: Franchises

642d ago - This week, Stafa and Kevin talk about Sleeping Dogs and The Swapper. Main topics is on franchises... | PS3

Hi-Rez: ‘Tribes: Ascend is Profitable, but Not a Growth Vehicle’

644d ago - Gamefront: "Responding to a Tribes: Ascend forum post on July 11 asking about the next Tribes upd... | PC

Hi-Rez Studios Delivers a Ray of Hope to the Tribes: Ascend Community

644d ago - It was quite the sad day last week when Tribes: Ascend developer, Hi-Rez Studios, dropped some he... | PC

Hi-Rez ‘Exploring’ Map Editor, Tools as Tribes: Ascend Updates Slow

646d ago - Gamefront: "Official content updates for Hi-Rez Studios’ Tribes: Ascend might be all but ended, b... | PC

No Major Updates For Tribes: Ascend In The Next Six Months

651d ago - Eurogamer: ''There are no major updates planned for free-to-play shooter Tribes Ascend in the nex... | PC

Users report that Hi-Rez violates SMITE's EULA, provide video to back up these claims

652d ago - DSOGaming writes: "Now this is something that may interest a lot of F2P gamers and fans of Hi-Rez... | PC

5 Free To Play Games You Should be Playing

697d ago - Simply put, Gaming these days is an extremely expensive hobby. With each new game going for 60 do... | PC

Top 10 Free-to-Play Games

715d ago - IGN: "Looking for an engrossing, grand-scale adventure to embark on but don't want to spend a dim... | PC

Top 5 Free to Play Shooters

751d ago - We(FPSGeneral) compiled a Top 5 list video that does its best to average out the games that turne... | PC

Hi-Rez COO Todd Harris Discusses Tribes: Ascend GOTY Edition | FPS General

795d ago - Earlier this month, Hi-Rez Studios announced a brand new one-purchase option for Tribes: Ascend.... | PC

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Out of Continues Ep 63: Games Maturing?

796d ago - Stafa, Ali, and Kevin talk about Spec Ops: The Line, Closure, and Saints Row the Third. Main top... | PC

Are MMO payment options still evolving?

798d ago - Tribes: Ascend now allows gamers to pay a one-off fee to quickly unlock content. Marcus Mac Dhonn... | PC

Tribes: Ascend - Game Of The Year Edition Announced

801d ago - DSOGaming writes: "Hi-Rez Studios today announced that a “Game of the Year Edition” (GotY) of Tri... | PC

Twenty-twelve: The rise of free to play

855d ago - Liam Dean chronicles how the "free to play" moniker has transitioned from a term gamers meet with... | PC

Defining Free-to-Play and Pay-to-Win | MoarPowah

885d ago - "PlanetSide 2 is a game that many would think is long overdue. Now, I can’t say I’m a fan of the... | PC
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