6 Free-to-Play Games to Get Excited About in 2012

VGW: Free-to-play (or freemium) games began to hit the big time on the PC in 2011 with titles like League of Legends, proving that the business model is viable beyond Facebook while providing high-quality graphics and gameplay. 2012 should be the year that the “freemium” model hits the big time with several titles reaching for AAA-level quality while costing nothing to get started playing.

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Chrono2239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

I think there are some good upcoming MMORPGs that are not on that list.

ATi_Elite2238d ago

Planetside 2
Super Monday Night Combat
Tribes Ascend
Mech Warrior Online


Fallout online
Warhammer 40,000 Dark Millennium Online
Blacklight Retribution
Ghost Recon online
Raiderz Online

Lots and Lots of top notch F2p titles in 2012.

sonicsidewinder2239d ago

It's a good day to be free to play.

Defo will be trying Planetside 2 and Mech Warrior.

soundslike2238d ago

3rd person LoL?

Count me in!

C_Menz2238d ago

No End of Nations on this list???