Tribes: Ascend - An Overview

Charles Onyett and Nick Kolan show off three of the classes available in the Tribes Ascend closed beta.

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phosphor1122103d ago

I've logged over 200 hours playing this beta, finding bugs, reporting them, requesting balancing fixes, same goes for countless other players on the forums.

The thing is, nothing is getting fixed. Server crashes every couple of matches, weapons are getting super buffed or super nerfed. Classes have gone unattended, becoming useless you're really good. Major fundamental gameplay issues... Why won't HiRez talk to us? They say they don't have a community manager, but every other Beta I've played from a small dev talks to the people. Acknowledges problems, fixes huge amounts of things weekly and even hotfixes when something really goes bad.

HiRez needs to step up, re-evaluate their F2P model (not saying get rid of it, but locking classes which balance a team in a class based shooter is.. well.. broken).

The way this game is now, imagine TF2 with all classes locked except for soldier... and you have to play 50+ hours to unlock a class. So, if you just start, and you have someone sniping you in the head, or engineers building nests, you can't counter them because a soldier class doesn't fit the situation.

Imagine BF3 with only the assault class unlocked, so you have to either buy your way, or play 50+ hours to unlock a class to either provide ammo... or take out a tank. It makes no sense.

I hope they make some major changes to management and balancing issues. Given their history and lack of acknowledgement... I won't hold my breath.

admiralthrawn872103d ago

i dont know wtf your talking about. i've been in this beta for a month and havent had one server crash. they update the game almost weekly. they have made significant improvements based on player feedback and it'll only get better.