And the 2012 Game of the Year is…a Downloadable Game?

When we think Game of the Year we think of big AAA games, but what if award season comes and we hear, "And the 2012 Game of the Year is...a Downloadable Game?"

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Whitefeather1987d ago

My favorite game so far this year is Max Payne 3.

ProjectDeputy1987d ago

max payne 3 was epic fail compared to the others

Whitefeather1987d ago

In my opinion it's the best game that has come out this year so far though. I didn't say it's game of the year.

MiamiACR211987d ago

Coming from a huge fan of the first two games, I've got to disagree with you ProjectDeputy. It was a more gritty, more realistic experience. Could the writing in some spots have been better? Sure, but the same could be said about any game. So don't let nostalgia cloud your vision with Max Payne 3, I enjoyed every second of the story and gunplay that the game offered.

Krimmson1987d ago

Epic fail? Really? People actually (still) say this?

da_2pacalypse1987d ago

It's his opinion, he's entitled. Mine is Dragon's Dogma. It's been quite a slow year, but upcoming games will be good!

Septic1986d ago

But...2012 hasn't even ended yet..

STONEY41986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

"max payne 3 was epic fail compared to the others"

One of the best games I've played this year. I'm getting tired of people saying "It's terrible compared to the others". Most people have nostalgia goggles on for the first Max Payne, or they just want to jump on the bandwaggon. I replayed it after playing Max Payne 3, but it has serious problems with the gameplay.

You have AI that can gun you down with a shotty from a mile away, simply walk by a door with enemies on the other side and your health is already almost gone, and enemies are huge bullet sponges. Plus the terrible platforming segments and the infamous baseball bat section. Words cannot describe how cheap the AI is. It feels more like a chore than it does fun. The only thing that holds up is the cutscenes and writing.

Max Payne 2, on the other hand... that game was amazing on so many levels. That's the game Max Payne 3 should be compared with, not the first one, which has aged horribly.

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yeahokchief1987d ago

How is this news again?? You are all way too obsessed with goty nonsense. We only halfway through the year. The only time we should be talking about this is in January when all the cards are on the table. Even then... get over yourselves.

Hellsvacancy1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

What month are you living in man? its August in my world, that makes it 2 months over half

"Get over yourself"

The dlc for Dark Souls will get my vote

mechlord1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Ok the 27 disagreers in the first post, how can you disagree that his favorite GOTY is Max Payne 3? i mean, he isnt saying YOUR GOTY, N4G's GOTY, he is saying HIS own, personal (The poster) is wrong with you people???

So youre basically saying he is wrong, his GOTY isnt the one he said...because you know him better than himself, right? sad way.... The Net is doomed.

Whitefeather1986d ago

I didn't even say it was my GOTY lol all I said is it was my favorite game so far. 2012 has been the worst year for gaming since 2007 on PS3 in my opinion so far Max Payne 3 has been the best game since the start of the year.

mt1986d ago

I already forgot that I played Max Payne 3. it is great game I like it but there is noting memorable about it.

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negroguy1987d ago

Rainbow moon is my favorite so far. I'm at 70 hours and still have a lot to do.

ChunkyLover531987d ago

Witcher 2 or Mass Effect 3 for me.

Euphio1987d ago

Even though Witcher 2 is fantastic and I love that game it was actually released in 2011. The xbox 360 version was 2012.

ChunkyLover531987d ago

Ya, still a 2012 release for Xbox 360 owners. Witcher 2 was XPlays number 1 game in their top 5 of 2012.

crawling1821987d ago

It was Shacknews GOTY for 2011 I do believe, and if wasn't for my love of the Uncharted series I would have been inclined to agree with them.

Euphio1987d ago

Yeah, it leaves Witcher 2 in a weird grey area for Game of the year nominations in 2012.

pandehz1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

I agree

Witcher 2 should have won last year on the pc but this year it definitely should win.

The gaming world cant be mean twice

Echo3071987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

The 2012 game of the year is... undetermined. Because the biggest part of the gaming year has yet to start.

WeskerChildReborned1987d ago

Yea i'm not sure what game will be GOTY.

toxic-inferno1987d ago

Very good point. Given that SpikeTVs nominees for 2011, only one of which had been released 12 months ago (Portal 2), I don't think it's time to start thinking about who could win this year.

isarai1987d ago

Well SO FAR, Journey has been the most memorable experience i've had this year(arguably this gen) but best video game(talking fun factor and lasting effect) from 2012 so far has been Max Payne 3, although i can easily see that being overshadowed by Sleeping Dogs for me, cannot wait to get my hands on sleeping dogs, UGH BRING IT!!

Indigon1987d ago

Well, it's the only game thus far that game me goosebumps.

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