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Top Five MMO Shooters

8d ago - While playing standard mmo games can be rewarding when you reach a pinnacle in crafting or comple... | PC

The Top 5 Mad Scientists of Gaming

12d ago - There are tons of examples of scientists in games. But mad scientists are a little rarer. Possess... | PC

The Knowledgeable Gamer Podcast 4 – League of Legends,The Saxxy Awards.

21d ago - Episode 4 of the Podcast "The Knowledgeable Gamer" A short daily Podcast meant to inform and offe... | Arcade

Five Facts - Variety Pack #7

36d ago - Jack and Ray bring you the seventh Five Facts Variety Pack and cover Rockstar Table Tennis, Team... | Industry

Now - Quickly locate just the right card for you. | Promoted post

A Cataclysmic Dawn: Writing About Multiplayer

41d ago - EGMR writes: "Online multiplayer has gained massive traction in the mainstream gaming community s... | PC

New TF2 figures available in Valve Store

43d ago - After initially only being available to purchase at conventions, Valve has finally released its l... | PC

Team Fortress 2 poster mistaken for Propoganda by Russia

45d ago - Russia’s Channel One has used a fan poster from Team Fortress 2 in the historical program “World... | PC

Honest Game Trailers takes a jab at 'Team Fortress 2'

46d ago - PC gamers were in for a treat over the weekend when Honest Game Trailers took a few humorous jabs... | PC

Make Hats Not War: Why customisation is more than cosmetic

59d ago - The words “Team Fortress 2” immediately evoke a number of crystal-clear associations in the mind’... | PC

Top 10 Video Game Items That'd be Handy in Real Life

59d ago - Gamer Headlines - Life can be hard sometimes. Even characters in video games go through serious h... | Culture

3 video game characters that nearly were something else entirely

70d ago - While some video game characters remained unchanged from their original concept, some ended up go... | Culture

Team Fortress 2: What it’s Like Now

88d ago - Team Fortress 2 is an old game, but still very popular. What makes it popular? It has the appeal... | PC

How 8 games crawled through ‘development hell’ — and what they found on the other side

102d ago - Venture Beat: Here’s what we know about Team Ico’s game The Last Guardian (pictured above): It’s... | PC

Want to test Valve's upcoming Team Fortress 2 maps before it goes live?

105d ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "This is player's chance to help guide the direction of TF2. Players will g... | PC

Top Five Summer MMOs

117d ago - Online gaming is a must during the summer months, for this reason, MMO-Play represents the top fi... | PC

Full Details of the Love and War Team Fortress 2 Update are Here

124d ago - SteamFirst: Today the full details of the Love and War update have been released on the Steam pag... | PC

New Weapons and Taunts Coming to Team Fortress 2 via The Spoils of Love and War

126d ago - SteamFirst: This trailer teases the latest updates including weapons and taunts coming soon to Te... | PC

Team Fortress invites players to make love and war

126d ago - The Team Fortress 2 Love and War Update is live. The Love and War update brings new moves, weapon... | PC

Valve Release Their First Team Fortress 2 Short Film ‘Expiration Date’

127d ago - Nolan North’s ongoing global domination continues, now funded by Valve. | PC

Team Fortress 2 Countdown Ends with Expiration Date Video Reveal

127d ago - The internet has been going into a full-on frenzy today with a mysterious countdown timer appeari... | PC

Natural Doctrine (PS4) Review

Now - Drew checks out this insanely hard strategy RPG. | Promoted post

Mysterious Countdown Appears on Team Fortress 2 Website

128d ago - A strange new countdown has appeared on the Team Fortress 2 website. What could it possibly be le... | PC

The E3 - A disappointing overexcitement or a justified hype?

138d ago - CanadianGamer writes: E3 2014 is just around the corner and we’re already feeling the hype of thi... | Culture

Free-to-Play Done Right

141d ago - Presented here are just a few of the games that do the free-to-play system a great service. | PC

Do It Yourself Diversity: The Intersection of Modding And Activism

149d ago - An article about efforts made by PC gamers and the modding community to put more inclusive and di... | PC

Will Core Games Adopt The Apple/Android Model

150d ago - The Games as a Service Movement, a collection of powerful (they count Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft, C... | PC
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Team Fortress 2

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US 09 October 2007
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