Scout Update Has Ruined Team Fortress 2

GameStooge is angry at Valve for the Scout Update, which they claim has ruined Team Fortress 2.

Excerpt: "Valve has been pretty good about Team Fortress 2 updates, with the Medic, Heavy and Pyro, with sensible upgrades that kept the game in balance. Unfortunately, with the Scout update, they've - to put this diplomatically - shit the bed in a big way. This is coming from someone who normally plays the Scout."

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Zeus Lee3547d ago

Sounds like Valve have overpowered another Class.

Oh well,I'm still playing the console versions;so I don't have to worry about an update from Valve.

JonahFalcon3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Not yet. The Xbox 360 will be getting them soon.

And the other classes are not overpowered.

solidsnakus3547d ago

how do you know 360 is getting the update, i havent heard anything. link?

jadenkorri3546d ago

this is not a concern for ps3 users, but im sure ps3 users would be grateful for an update...oh well, valve has basically given 20 million + ps3 users the big middle finger...Someone with good business sense would not bad mouth a console, i don't recall someone saying they wouldn't program any other console, what makes the ps3 any different...

EvilCackle3546d ago

Valve has said numerous times they're working on a large update that will include several of the class updates at once.

Erdrick3546d ago

the ps3 is getting no love from valve because the hardware is so radically different from all other platforms that it isn't really worth their time/ money/ effort to learn how to program on it. maybe after we see a multi-core update to tf2 they'll reconsider? but i can imagine it would suck trying to leave a platform you've mastered...

kwicksandz3545d ago

people say this every update.

Once the acheivement farmers have got their goodies the game will go back to its usual awesome, and you will find less 22/24 scout teams ^^

jadenkorri3545d ago

the only devs who refuse to program for the ps3 is valve, all other devs are programming for it, why shouldn't valve, its laziness if you ask me, other devs have praised the ps3, and others have said its different or harder compared to the 360... Valve is not a small company anymore considering the series they have released, and the way pc gaming has gone lately, console gaming is the way to go to make money.

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Zeus Lee3547d ago

Actually,there is another class that is overpowered:The Medic class.Too fast+Needles are absolutely too powerful.

A few other problems with TF2:
-Radius of the Pyro flame is too great.
-Inconsistency with the rolling of Grenades from the Demoman class.
-'Sap' time for a Sentry is too slow.

There's a few more but I honestly don't have the time to list them,gg.

Ghoul3547d ago

playing tf2 on 360 is like attending daytona with an old chevy

kwicksandz3545d ago

i wonder what that would make the ps3 version like.

Horse drawn cart?

Snoozer2823547d ago

This happens every time they release an update. Everyone plays the class for achievements rather than playing the game as a team. The unlock updates have ruined the game.

Ghoul3547d ago

not really

the problem is they work on each class after the other instead of making all updates and releasea acompletet pack.

this way everytime a class update comes your on a map with 20 heavys or now 20-30 scouts. and thats awefull couse every updte ruines the game for 4 weeks

rawrockkillz3546d ago

I think it is perfectly fine. People just need to learn to play.

JonahFalcon3546d ago

I think you should read the article. "This is coming from someone who normally plays the Scout."

Read why the update is sh***y - it changes the role of the Scout too much, for one.

Proxy3545d ago

There are a lot of things that discredit this article.

"Their entire purpose is evasion, not combat."

O RLY? If your not engaging in combat as a scout, then what are you doing?

"They were never meant as an offensive weapon."

Why did Valve put them in the offense section?

"TF2 is unplayable."

Oh please. TF2 is silky smooth and error free. That not what I would call "unplayable."

Proxy3545d ago

The scout is more supporting now, as it can BONK! people and otherwise be more annoying. It's job was to be quick and annoying to begin with. To distract and take pot shots. How has that changed?

Consider the other updates?

Heavy - The natasha makes the heavy into a excellent support class. Spraying the entire crowed to slow everyone down 25% is a great help to your team.

Pyro - Backburner greatly rewards stealthy pyros who can get behind the enemy.

Medic - Ever seen the 2 medic w/ uber saws combo. One medic ubers, the other goes crazy with the uber saw, charges his own uber. Then the switch roles and effectively have a never ending uber chain. I've seen two medics raid our camp and deploy 3 or more consecutive ubers.

So looking at those three things. Can you really tell me that "None of the other updates changed the role of the class."

Heavy is a support.
Pyro is a stealth.
Medic is a deep offense.

Sounds like a change to me.

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