Bit Players: 5 characters who must get their own game

It's time to let some of gaming's best supporting players take center stage. Here's five characters who deserve their shot headlining their own game.

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NagaSotuva2449d ago

Fawful should at least be in a Mario Kart or Mario Party game. Better yet...the next Smash Bros.

Pikajew2449d ago

Fawful is a great character

Sadie21002448d ago

Smash Bros. makes perfect sense, actually....

THR1LLHOUSE2449d ago

Mordin is awesome. I'm always up for more Mordin.

More-din. Ha.

LondonMediaOS2449d ago

Chloe has a game, Tomb Raider. Lol
But Lora has her beat, but Chloe has some sass with her character, I wouldn't mind seeing her own game but I want it to be different then Drakes series.

BinaryMind2448d ago

I think they should have made it Chloe's game in the Vita Uncharted title. I love Drake, but I have little hopes they will actually advance his character in that side-story.

Christopher2449d ago

Cutter from U3 will likely get his own game at some point. They played him out to be very much like Nathan in knowledge and ability.

FAGOL2448d ago

But do you really want to play as him? He wouldn't really feel badass. Chloe or even Sully would be cool.

Sully when he was younger. That would be hilarious.

Hicken2448d ago

I dunno if I'd give Cutter his own game. He's someone who is definitely interesting, but I feel like if he was in a game that wasn't Drake's it'd probably be Chloe's and not his own.

miyamoto2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

Yeah, Chloe and Sully story after Uncharted 2!!!

Victor Sullivan: " Um, which way did Chloe go? "
[Drake points in the direction of Chloe's ass]
Victor Sullivan: See ya later.
Elena Fisher: Oh, no.
Nathan Drake: You're a dirty old man, Sullivan.
Victor Sullivan: Uh-huh.

That will be awesome intro!

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The story is too old to be commented.