Nielsen Ratings Show WoW, PS2 Still On Top - US Gamers Play More Original Xbox than PS3

From the article: "Don't get me wrong, sales data is great, and I always love pouring over the monthly NPD reports to see just how much more money Nintendo has managed to print; and when I hear that World of Warcraft has passed the 11.5 million subscriber mark, it certainly makes a mental impact. But the questions always remain: "When people bring that Nintendo Wii home, do they actually play it?" "Just how dedicated are these WoW players?"

Thanks to the Nielsen ratings, which measure usage for the Top 10 PC titles and all major consoles, partial answers to both those questions and more await you after the break."

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GameCyteSean3401d ago

...the new Nielsen report also shows that soft drink consumption is still on the rise.

Genesis53401d ago

Just look at all the PS2 owners waiting for a PS3 price drop.

mint royale3401d ago

that more people play wii than ps3. I thought no one played wii after 2 months? People didn't actually believe that did they?

The Dude3401d ago


Why wait for a price stop just read that Game Crazy has an awesome deal for PS2 owners. Trade your PS2 with any 4 games for a $100.00 off an Xbox 360 60GB Premium.

Sarcasm3400d ago

How do they get these numbers anyway? They surely didn't put a camera into 300 million consoles/pc's did they?

robert02673400d ago

7.3 minutes per week!!! they obviously don't have lbp.I do and I spend a whole lot more than 7.3 minutes on my ps3.

acedoh3400d ago

of the fact we really haven't hit next gen. Most of the mainstream casual crowd that was behind the success of the PS2 hasn't jumped over. I don't see most of these consumers jumping over until late 2009 or 2010.... So I think the PS3 is far from losing this gen...

ChampIDC3400d ago

That's 7.3% of minutes played, not 7.3 minutes. Read a little closer next time :)

7.3 minutes would be pretty fail. That's probably the CD-i time played around the world.

The Killer3400d ago

how did they make their poll or statistics?? i can go to some street that nintendo wii is so famous or xbox make my survey there and conclude that wii is the best then xbox!!! that not really the truth the truth will be closer if they made the survey in many states and in different locations and with different demographics!!

any way if this shows something then it shows how strong ps2 is!!! and why sony should drop the ball from it just yet!

Wile3400d ago

Nielsen Ratings have been in existance since the dawn of radio and television. At first this rating system was only used to gauge networks and radio stations shares of the listener/viewership accross the US at any given time and and date. How they achieve it then was they would select a large portion of the population and pay them to keep log of their use of the TV and Radio. Today they attached boxes, called Set Meters to the TV and Radio that will log the channel, time of day, and length of time on each channel. They also do extensive surveys, polls, etc.

These stats are fundamental to the television and radio commercial industry since the more a network can claim is watching a certain show directly relates to how much they can charge for commercial slots in that show. _Ratings

Ju3400d ago

OK, but how does this apply to games ?

Wile3400d ago

they do more than tv and radio now. follow the links in my previous post and read all about it.

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Nathan Drake3401d ago

US gamers play more Ps2 than Xbox 360 and Wii combined.

See kids,putting a spin on data is easy

Simon_Brezhnev3401d ago

but the playstation brand is dying

happyface3401d ago

you seem to be one of those ps3 gamers that just posts online all day and doesn't play games

you have the to post in every single thread, try playing games for a change, ps3 does have 1 or 2 games worth playing IMO

ICUP3401d ago

"US gamers play more Ps2 than Xbox 360 and Wii combined."


If the 360 didn't have 33% RROD it would easy beat the PS2.


ThaGeNeCySt3401d ago

I don't see what the problem is, PS2 is still a great console to own

Maxned3400d ago

Ok... but the console you defend every day is getting boned by a console that came out like 7 years ago.

BWS19823400d ago

Very well made point once again. And to happyface, your 'crime' is worse, at least he's a PS3 gamer who is happy to speak about HIS console positively, and he makes good points on spinning numbers. You, on the other hand, seem to be a 360 gamer who's posting in a news story about a console you have "no interest" in, so....who's more "at fault" there, slick? Yeah, thought so.

BWS19823400d ago

"I don't like what he says even though I can't counter it, so I'll disagree" people strike again.....

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3401d ago

"US gamers play more Ps2 than Xbox 360 and Wii combined.

See kids,putting a spin on data is easy"

-Nathan Drake

Well put Nathan

PS-3PO the Droid3400d ago

PS3 can't even beat the Xbox of LAST gen let alone the 360. Don't worry PS3.. at least you're beating the gamecube.

mxdan3400d ago

Awww, the 360 can't even beat the ps2 from last generation. It's ok though your almost at half the time!


PS-3PO the Droid3400d ago

At least the 360 isn't losing anywhere NEAR as bad as the PS3. Hell even the Wii is beating the PS3 LOL. Epic fail.

mxdan3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

kind of like your xbox last generation?

Oh, I forgot, no one plays the original xbox anymore....

The company you subscribe too is simply after your money. Your 360 will most likely be obsolete and unsupported in 2 years. Thats why everyone outside of America dislikes Microsoft.

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Hal Emmerich3401d ago

This is going to spark another fanboy war...

happyface3401d ago

wow, very embarassing for the PS3

do ps3 fans just post on msg boards all day and not buy and play games?


Hal Emmerich3401d ago

I hope that was sarcasm, otherwise that was pretty ironic.

TBH I don't care how many people play PS3, does it take away the enjoyment of playing on it? of course it doesn't I'll continue to play it even if many don't.

EastCoastSB3401d ago

You seem to forget that the PS2 has almost double the usage of the 360.

BWS19823400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

it seems to me the fact is, it has a web browser. Jesus Happyface, how did you become an authority on time allotment and game usage, considering you're trolling right now? You're in an article about something you hate, posting multiple times about how people are spending time here? Ummmkay.....