Is the Spy the Scout's Father?

New TF2 achievements expose the family relation between the Spy and the Scout. Shocking, yet heartwarming.

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ChampIDC3483d ago

Give it to Valve to add some sort of story to a game without story. I haven't even bothered to look at the new achievements yet. I prefer to get them by surprise.

Johandevries3483d ago

That was just a very funny movie.

AnttiApina3483d ago

Pyro could be the mother :S

TheBand1t3483d ago

Valve should make a full length movie with these characters.

dominicm3483d ago

I would LOVE to see a regular series of these characters. G4 should man up and pay them whatever to make that happen.

I was also just informed that the Spy says "My little cabbage" at the end of the Meet The Spy video, and I think that's hilarious.

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