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Tom Francis talks about action vs. stealth in his upcoming title Heat Signature, its influences, and we pick his brain on upcoming projects. Her...

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Tales of Figures of Lloyd, Sorey and Alisha Will Be At The Summer Wonder Festival 2014

3d ago - AbyssalChronicles: "Prototypes of Tales figures of Lloyd, Sorey and Alisha will be exhibited at t... | GameCube

13 Fun Traits, Trends and Tropes In Video Games

9d ago - Trends, tropes and traits are a fun part of our medium that makes games we love even better. Ever... | Culture

The Worst Videogame Father Figures

44d ago - DC - "Today it’s Father’s Day in the United Kingdom. That means it’s a day about celebrating fath... | Xbox 360

Cubed Gamers: Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Review

142d ago - A review of the very good value Tales of Symphonia Chronicles collection for PS3. | GameCube

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Unboxing the Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Collector's Edition

153d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Even as a dumbass kid with no concept of value, I found myself enamored by collec... | PS3

'Next Tales of' Slowly Moves Towards the Present with 'Symphonia and 'Rebirth'

243d ago - 8CN: Once again Bandai Namco updated the "Next Tales of" site with new content. This time around... | Dev

Check Out The Colored Prototype of Kotobukiya's Upcoming Tales of Symphonia Colette Brunel Figure

291d ago - AbyssalChronicles: "Pictures of the colored prototype of Kotobukiya's upcoming 1/8 scale Tales of... | GameCube

Colored Prototype of Alter's Tales of Symphonia Zelos Wilder Figure

295d ago - AbyssalChronicles: "Alter's ALTAiR line has finally posted colored prototypes of their upcoming T... | GameCube

Tales of Xillia – Franchise of Unwavering Convictions

345d ago - The author asks if the Tales series can ever be more than just good. | PS3

In Tales Of Symphonia Do You Pick Kratos Or Zelos?

354d ago - Ah, this Tales of Symphonia Chronicles video is all about Zelos Wilder. The sword wielding party... | PS3

Killatia at E3 2013 Tales of Xillia and Symphonia HD Interview

393d ago - Killatia talks with Nick O’Leary of Bandai Namco about not only Tales of Xillia but also the HD r... | PS3

New Tales of Symphonia Unisonant Pack/Chronicles Screenshots From Famitsu

412d ago - New screenshots of Tales of Symphonia Unisonant Pack (aka Tales of Symphonia Chronicles in the We... | PS2

My Visit To The Tales of Festival 2013

415d ago - Siliconera: I had no idea what to expect when I arrived at Tales of Festival 2013. The name made... | Culture

Tales of Festival 2013 - Day 1 Events Full Report

420d ago - "Here is a full report of the events that transpired during Day 1 of the T... | GameCube

Tales of Symphonia HD Unisonant Pack Officially Announced at Tales of Festival

424d ago - Tales of Symphonia HD has just been confirmed at this year's Tales of Festival! | PS3

Tales of Merchandise Monthly - May 2013 - Celebrating Tales of Symphonia's 10th Anniversary

424d ago - "Tales of Merchandise Monthly is's monthly column th... | GameCube

New Tales of Symphonia Lloyd and Zelos Figures by Alter Announced at Tales of Festival

424d ago - "New Tales of figures were showcased today in Tales of Festival 2013's mer... | GameCube

Justifying Tales of Symphonia HD Remaster Collection

425d ago - RPG Site: "If it's a game, why a remastered version of Tales of Symphonia HD? In addition, why wo... | PS3

New Information From Tales of Festival 2013 To Be Streamed Live

427d ago - "It's a bit last minute, but a live stream for Tales of Festival 2013 has... | PS3

Namco Bandai Celebrates (Horribly Late) 15 Years of the Tales Series With New Video

428d ago - With the impending release of Tales of Xillia, that will finally reach the western shores on Augu... | PS2

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 – Cry Wolf (PC) Review

Now - Jae dives into the final episode of Bigby’s tale. | Promoted post

Hideo Baba Clarifies Rumors About Tales of Symphonia HD

431d ago - was able to have a talk with Tales of Series producer Hideo Baba at Munich about the r... | GameCube

Tales of Symphonia HD Remaster Collection coming to PS3?

443d ago - During an interview with the series producer Hideo Baba, Koi-Nya has learned that a possible HD C... | PS3

The Top 25 Classic RPGs

547d ago - "In third grade, I broke both my wrists at the same time. This did not stop me from playing Super... | GameCube

10 Vita ports that need to happen

547d ago - GamerTell goes through 10 awesome PS2, Xbox and PC games that need to find a home on the Vita. Da... | PS Vita

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - Christmas Eve 2012 Edition

581d ago - "Much like the yearly SuperPhillip Central Best of Awards, selecting songs for the holiday season... | Culture
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