Tales of Symphonia HD Remaster Collection coming to PS3?

During an interview with the series producer Hideo Baba, Koi-Nya has learned that a possible HD Collection is in the works for PS3.

Tentatively named: Tales of Symphonia: Perfect Edition.

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animegamingnerd1141d ago

this is is true is might be the only HD collection i ever buy

3-4-51141d ago

I've always wanted to plat the original on Gamecube but it's hard to find and still $40+ if you do find it.

An HD remake to an already beautiful looking game would be nice though.

FamilyGuy1140d ago

I have Tales of Symphonia on GameCube and it's still in pristine condition (adult owned and respected). How much would you be willing to pay for it? Include shipping ($5)

booni31141d ago

Yes! Make it happen Namco! I'd be all over it!!

k2d1140d ago

The seal to end all seals. /joke

Satirical1141d ago

Tales of Symphonia is easily my favorite jrpg of all time next to Xenoblade. Definitely excited about this!

FamilyGuy1140d ago

I really liked it but was always more fond of the Star Ocean games. The combination attacks were fun though.

Tales of Symphonia just felt like it was too long, the GameCube version was 2-disc and it took a pretty long time to beat.

rextraordinaire1141d ago

Nice. Never enough Tales. :) Hope it's true.

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The story is too old to be commented.