Tales of Symphonia PC Version Listed On ESRB Ratings Board

A classic RPG from the GameCube era, Tales of Symphonia, has been rated for PC by the ESRB.

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DiscoKid1315d ago

Bro, I missed out on ToV. If they bring that to Steam, I'd be delighted. I'll grab ToS as well.

RmanX10001315d ago

Vesperia's PS3 version coming to the west, and on PC, would be amazing. But Bamco US has been pretty "NO VEPS3RIA FOR AMERICANS OR EUROPEANS!" so I doubt that'll be showing up soon.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1314d ago

I'd buy ToV again if it was the updated PS3 port. ToV is my favorite in the series.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1315d ago

Why isn't there a Wii U version or I can understand Dawn of the New World since you can play it on Wii mode.

ThunderPulse1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

Go play your WiiU instead of whining in the PC section.

ThunderPulse1314d ago

Consoles are becoming irrelevant!

Kane221314d ago

because a game that came out years ago is coming to pc....hell they even remastered this for ps3....

Simco8761314d ago

This game worth playing? I love classic RPGs, but will probably take a risk on this game with a Steam sale...maybe earlier if people like it that much.

SteamPowered1314d ago

I personally loved ToS. It wasn't too anime styled for me, which is a plus. it was a fun button masher/Rpg with a great story and some great characters. I find the storyline in most jrpgs a little hard to get into, but Tales did a great job
I highly recommend it.

akiraburn1314d ago

The original Symphonia is one of my favorite JRPGs. Beyond what SteamPowered mentioned, the gameplay is a lot like the other Tales of series, with a deep system for action-RPG style combat, a myriad of characters to choose from, a large world map to explore, secret weapons/items/scenes/etc., and much more. The game features many of my personal favorite voice actors, but two in general stick out: Cam Clarke (recognizable for Liquid Snake, Leonardo from original TMNT, and Kanaeda from the 1989 Akira dub), and Scott Menville (known from Robin in Teen Titans, Max the main character in Dark Cloud 2, and Kevin French in Mission Hill).

Beside those two, there are many other really talented voice actors that helped make this specific Tales game stand out so much (Kari Wahlgreen, Tara Strong, Crispin Freeman, Jennifer Hale, Laura Bailey, etc). Most people don't fully realize how much a solid voice crew can either make or break a game, so that's a big part of the reason I mention them. But there are so many things were really nailed well on this title, between combat, cooking, hidden items, and everything else, that it's hard to really do it justice without experiencing it. For me, it was well worth grabbing the HD re-release on PS3, and if they launch it on PC I'd probably end up grabbing it again at some point.

Nerdmaster1314d ago

I played many "Tales Of" games, but the only one I liked enough to finish was Symphonia (and its sequel), so in my opinion it's worth playing, and it's the best in the series.

SteamPowered1314d ago

Good lord it's about time! I played ToS to death on my GameCube. Can't wait to relive those days again.

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